Saturday Paws

It’s Saturday, and I’m not the only one happy to declare,  “It’s the weekend!” I have two four-legged balls of energy very happy that Mom is home.  They’re ready for a change in pace, anticipating a more leisurely time to play together.  And their soulful gaze suggests they’re hoping we’ll take as long as it takes to get caught up after a busy week.  They love to talk!

Last Saturday, I first introduced my two dogs, my one year-old purebred smooth Boxer, Mae-be Baby, and Ruffles, a curly soft-coated purebred Wheaten Terrier.  Soon I’ll post pictures—they like it when they’re the focus of attention!  Today I’d like to share how I first met Mae-be Baby and our delicate process of establishing trust.  I first fell in love with her at the Pasadena Humane Society.  As you know, the pet adoption process requires careful screening making sure the adoptee is comfortable before being moved to another new, and foreign home. So it took time!

I made three visits before she would even timidly edge over to where I was sitting.   She wasn’t all that sure about this strange woman! I moved slowly and spoke in soft tones to both the Pet Counselor and the reticent Boxer. Her eyes and worried expression told me that she had real reasons for doubting humans. But it didn’t hurt to come with treats! Boxers will often not accept food when stressed so even this tactic was not a slam-dunk! FINALLY!  On the third visit we made real progress.  She moved over to where I was sitting and allowed me to stroke her neck and I let out a gentle exhale on her nose—believing that her cells and my cells would connect and she would know if she wanted me in her life.  She looked up and with a warm lick gently indicated she wanted to try once more.  And from that moment we started building the trust that reassured, “This time, THIS human is not going to hurt you.”

And from that day we’ve built a love relationship!  How many times does she make sure I know she loves me and trust me?  Daily!  How many times does she take me out of a sad moment, with a wag and smile that says, “See, I’m here!”  Yup!  Every day!  And this 80-plus pound muscle ball can always find a way to gently lean into my side and keep me company as I sit on “our” bench gazing up at the night sky.  She likes counting stars, too.

So that’s just a little bit about my Mae-be Baby, but remember, she’s only one of my little darlings.  I’ll plan to tell you more about her sister very soon. I wish you a happy and hopefully relaxing weekend, and be sure to give your pets a little something extra in emotional and physical care in this August heat.  They look forward to the weekend, too, you know!

Blessings, Beth

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