Who is breathing lighter?


As a native Californian with a passion for history, I spend as much time as possible finding new places of interest, and many of those field trips find themselves on the pages of this blog.

Keeping an active mind and following my curiosity is what also reduces stress and assures that I’m breathing lighter! I hope you’ll feel welcome to come along at any time. I enjoy sharing.


5 thoughts on “Who is breathing lighter?

  1. roughwighting

    HI Debra! I live in NE now, outside of Boston, but I moved here less than a year ago from northern CA, where I worked in the town’s historical society. Learning about our history, restoring our depot, our old church, telling the community to come visit – yes, all this make breathing lighter.

    1. Debra Post author

      So nice to have you stop by and share your love of history and place! You have certainly moved to the right place to delve into American history. Two of my closest friends have moved from California to the NE and are enjoying exploring so many wonderful sites that were previously only known through history books! I’d love to know what city in Northern California you came from Your restoration projects interest me. My son lives in Oakland and we’re making many more trips north these days. Thank you so much for stopping by…it was nice to meet you.


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