It’s unusual for me to reblog a post, but I thought I’d enjoy sharing a blogger many of you may not think you know by name, yet may recognize. I was first introduced to Robin Ellis through a PBS pledge drive. I’m a big fan of “Poldark” on Masterpiece Theater, and Robin is the original Poldark first introduced in the 1970’s.

Fortunately I don’t have any health concerns at this time, but I’m committed to a healthy diet, and I am “at home” with his food tastes. Robin shares wonderful recipes from his cookbook “Meditterranean Cooking for Diabetics.” I am happy to share this introduction!

Robin Ellis

Ratatouille came into my mind as I was walking this morning–must have been the sun coming up.

A classic vegetable stew and the culinary face of summer! Looking at it makes you smile and forget–for a second– the state of the world.

Memories of holidays in Southern Europe drift into view.

Elizabeth David calls it Ratatouille de Nice–a sunny place for shady people“–according to Somerset Maugham–in her definitive tome, French Provincial Cooking.

Haven’t made it for years–got distracted by spicier recipes in the repertoire for sweet pepper, aubergine and tomato.

Shakshuka for instance–which features in my latest cookbook, Mediterranean Cooking for Diabetics, p. 41with a couple of eggs melting into the surface.

Ratatouille is gentler–relying on herbs for its flavor enhancers–rosemary, bay, thyme, marjoram.

We’ll have it for lunch, with pork chops and rosemary, cooked in a cosy nest of aubergine…

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