{three stories that made me smile this week}

August was a long month.

Between our extended home improvement projects and intermittent Internet disruption I’ve had a hard time putting much effort into blogging. Perhaps that’s not stated correctly. I’ve put a lot of effort into it, I just don’t have much to show for that effort.

Short on time and a bit of a limited attention span tonight, I think I’ll share three stories that made me smile this week.

Two stories highlight people defying stereotypes and expectations, continuing to love life well on their way towards 90 years of age.

The first name is a notable if you live in Los Angeles or closely follow Major League baseball.

Just a few days ago 87-year old Vin Scully announced his decision to return as the “voice of the Dodgers” for one more year. In 2016 he will begin his 67th consecutive season as the play-by-play announcer.

My dad listened to the Dodgers and although I don’t remember really caring about the outcome of most games, there was always a soothing familiarity in hearing Vin Scully’s voice as he shared stories and bits of information about players while calling the game.

I still enjoy hearing his voice and I was happy to hear the announcement of his return. I want to still be making plans for the future when I approach 90!

To hear just a bit of his charm as he compliments the sun and the moon during a recent Dodgers-Cubs game, click HERE. What a guy!

The same day I heard about Vin Scully’s return for another season I also heard a radio personality talking about a YouTube star, “Dancing Nana.” I had to check it out and found this elderly but vibrant “sensation” visiting with Ellen Degeneres on her show, “Ellen.”

This charming Nana was 88 when she danced her way to her granddaughter’s car and 90 when she appeared on “Ellen” this past spring.

Don’t you feel inspired when you see people refusing to be anchored by stereotypes and limited thinking? I’m confident that neither Vin Scully nor Nana let thoughts of age hold them back from anything that matters to them. I want more of that!

And for something totally random, I’ll address border security.

When I saw the following photos of what stands as boundary division between parts of the United States and Canada I was so amused. I’m not sharing it to poke fun of Governor Scott Walker’s Canadian “wall” comments. I didn’t even stick around long enough to hear him out. I just thought the photos were so funny in comparison to what I perceive as border security.

I’ll share it with you HERE.

And if you have any questions concerning border delineation this video just might help explain it.

Well, it’s getting close to the time of evening when our Internet has been deciding to go to sleep, so I’d better close up shop for the night.

This may have been a bit pointless tonight, but the common thread is that all three stories helped me breathe lighter.

And it’s that time in the week when you’re probably needing a little lift as well.

I hope you found something here to make you smile.

And you might think about smiling more. I think smiling is the best anti-aging cream. Vinny and Nana look good to me!