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As a native to Southern California I'm interested in the history and geography of the region, with particular attention to how the demands for water have shaped an entire region. I am eclectic in my interests and closely follow history, but with an eye on the future, enjoying as much time as possible with my two granddaughters, children and railroad husband Jay. You may be more interested in getting to know me through stories of our large Sulcata Tortoise, Darwin. We are a very active household.

I prefer my sand at the beach, thank you!

The last time I met you here I was lamenting that our “home improvement summer” was leaving me a little frazzled. I am pleased to report we’re making progress, but the only sand this beach lover is enjoying right now is in the backyard.


I look forward to a new driveway and outdoor entertainment space. I also look forward to a clean dog.



I much prefer beach sand!


When we returned from Kauai in January I dumped all the photos onto the computer and backed them up for safety, but I have a long way to go before hundreds of memories are organized and placed either in digital libraries or printed for enjoyment.

That doesn’t mean I don’t look at them. I often do, remembering the tranquility of such a gorgeous place. Offer me a long stretch of sand and I can’t wait to walk and explore.

It’s been years and years since I saw the movie South Pacific, but Hanalei Pier is a featured location. I don’t know how it may have changed since 1957, however. Hurricane Iniki badly damaged the pier in 1992 and it required rebuilding.

Fortunately there were no hurricane warnings in January!



DSC_7493The pier has had a number of changes since constructed in 1892. The thriving rice industry necessitated changes and the pier was lengthened and completed in 1912 with reinforced concrete and a wooden deck.


The shed roof was added in the 1940’s. It’s a serene spot offering beautiful views of the Bay.

DSC_7494How’s this for a relaxing spot to take a stroll?

I guess I could bury my toes in the backyard sand…

Who am I kidding?

Island life is calling me.

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