Saturday Paws: Look at the Birdie!

Here birdies!

Mae-be  is not a bird dog! You might say, “Duh! We know, Beth—you’ve told us she’s a Boxer!” But I mean temperament.  She is very happy to share a part of her yard with the birds enjoying the extra seeds, suet, and birdbath!  She does look at them part of the time, but she really doesn’t bother them even when they pick up the pieces of kibble that her Boxer flews (lips to you and me) can’t quite contain.

Sometimes the sparrows and finches will perch on the side of her food dish and see what might be left.  I say might because Mae-be will lick her dish clean! And the birds will also sit on the edge of the water dish if the water in the birdbath has dried out. This year, especially with our Indian Summer kicking the temperatures back up, I have to re-fill the feeders and the birdbath often! The Wild Bird seed with cracked corn seems to be a big hit! And the red Hibiscus I planted as a small plant attracts many Hummingbirds, also providing shade and privacy over the birdbath!

Birds enjoying a cool dip

Both dogs lay quietly in the shade or on the bench watching what I call The Bird Channel, when suddenly Ruffles remembers some old hard-wired spot in her brain that says “Get Up! You are a Wheaten Terrier, for goodness sakes! You must chase birds (and lizards, butterflies, and large bumblebees)!”  And off she goes–never quite catching any of the other species. Thank goodness! I wonder if she thinks I am suppose to have a bird gun or something? Hmmmm…No, I usually just applaud her efforts at being a Terrier!

Ruffles waiting to chase birds

These kinds of days are so nice– I wish I could just stay home and tidy up the yard (I like how the gardeners say that on BBC TV). Fortunately California fall and winter are generally mild–but that still leaves many tasks.  My little stack of twigs, branches, and leaves makes for excellent rawhide bone burying and taking a twig or two from my furry girls! If I could only get them to put them in the barrels or compost heap!

The last few nights we’ve been enjoying the full moon together as the evening cools and we listen to the quiet of the night. And I sing to them.  That always gets me an extra lick or two! Ahhhhh–I let my breath slow down and count my blessings. Such agreeable company!

Blessings, Beth and the Girls