Back from an Un-Planned Blogging Break

I didn’t plan a social media and blogging break. At first I just lost track of time.  Since early October I’ve experienced so many twists and turns including untypical obligations, permanent good-byes to friends, responsibility adjustments, all summed up with one word, CHANGE.

Many years ago I learned three little words to pull out of my back pocket when stress threatens inner quiet.

Halt! Stop! Breathe!

Words have always come easily to me. But in the last month or so that hasn’t been true. It seems I couldn’t keep a steady pace with words while also cultivating a quiet mind.

When I last posted I was grieving the impact of the California fires.

Learning that places we have loved and enjoyed are now gone has been very sobering. There have been some surprises, too.

Like this favorite “hang out.”

I was thrilled to learn that it was saved.  To see a photo of just how close the flames came to taking it, click HERE.

I’d also been concerned about the American Tortoise Rescue in Malibu. If you’ve been  with me on breathelighter  for any length of time you know that I love our African Sulcata Tortoise, Darwin.

Prior to the fire I’d been aware of this particular tortoise rescue and was sure they’d been affected by the Woolsey Fire. Sure enough, but the outcome was mixed. The property is destroyed, but these incredible people saved the majority of the tortoises. If you’d like to read more about them and see some photos, click HERE. 

And probably one of the best stories of animal rescue came this weekend and made the national news. In case you missed this delightful pet reunion, I will share it with you.

Focusing on some of the happier outcomes provides a nice balance.

Those of us who weren’t directly affected by the fire have many opportunities to contribute to fire relief efforts, too.

And we can all benefit from celebrating the Christmas season.

Last week we joined others in our city for the annual “tree lighting ceremony” in front of the Mission. 

Typically I’m not very eager to attend. It’s cold. Palm trees predominate. There isn’t a giant evergreen. Again…it’s cold.

But this year we bundled up and joined the crowd. It felt good to be part of the larger community and in remembrance of other communities and neighborhoods that have suffered devastating loss, we could make the effort to support the event.

Sophia and Karina did cartwheels on the big grassy area keeping themselves warm. I enjoyed the school children playing instruments and singing on a little makeshift stage. We all enjoyed the taco truck.

I think words are beginning to return. Blog break is officially over. I have a lot of catching up to do.