A week of suspended animation: Jury Duty

Fulfilling civic duty isn’t convenient. Jury duty is an important obligation for those of us capable of answering the summons. I’m sitting outdoors finishing my lunch before going back into the jury room.

Not a bad way to spend a little quiet time. But as soon as the Court recesses today I’m on my way north to snuggle a little grandson we don’t see very often, or maybe it’s better said that we don’t see him “enough!” I’m greedy for all I can get.

After two days the selection isn’t solidified. I have listened to some very creative strategies employed by people trying to avoid service, but their protestations certainly slow us all down.

So if you wonder why I’m not posting much right now, picture me in the jury box or playing with a delightful 9-month old!

I will have many stories and observations to share when I’m released from duty.

There are a lot of interesting characters living in Los Angeles. I am glad I keep my sense of humor!

Still breathing lighter!