I was sitting in our favorite spot in the backyard thinking deep thoughts and wishing I could pick up and head to the beach. The ocean’s edge is my favorite sunset viewing station. I needed the infusion of tranquility that sunsets always provide me.

Our backyard is cloaked in trees and the best that I can usually do is “feel” the sun setting through the canopy of our huge oak.

I was lost in wishing when I changed my visual orientation and noticed the shadows playing against the east side of the house.

A slight shift in perspective and there was my sunset!

We’ve done a lot of shifting since my last post.

My 54-year old stepson transitioned earlier this week from the pain of pancreatic cancer to an unanticipated quick release into peace. His heart just stopped working.  It was sooner than expected, but we recognize mercy when we see it.

Family is arriving from out of town and I have a husband to attend to, as well. Jeffrey was his firstborn. There is a need for a whole lot of sitting on the patio and watching the shadows.

You are a compassionate bunch. I was going to close comments, more for your sake than mine, but I don’t seem to have the capacity to figure that out. What can you really say? The one thing I know for sure is that each and every person understands sea-change as we let go of those we love.

I’m going to take what will probably be a very  short blogging break. But when I return I think you might enjoy knowing a little more about my relationship with Jeffrey.

I’ll tease with this. I was  19 when I married his father and Jeffrey was 7. We had primary custody and I functioned daily as his parent. You do the math. Think I might have some stories?

Oh do I! Shall I tell on myself?

Be well, my friends. I’ll be back very soon.