Are you ready for your exhale? I think even Darwin needs one.

I am. Ready for my weekend exhale, that is. I had a very full day today following a very full week. Today was the long anticipated trip to the Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits. Since the La Brea site is home to over a million ice age fossils from 650 species, I absorbed a fair amount of information today…and took a few photos.

For those who enjoy paleontology and imagining what Los Angeles was like 44,000 years ago, I’ll have more photos next week.

As much as I love the tar pits and all the accompanying history and prehistory, bubbling goo isn’t all that beautiful. And going into the weekend, I’d like a few photos that bring to mind a breathe lighter moment.

I admired the gorgeous orange flower clusters on a tree I couldn’t identify. I pass the neighborhood trees every day, but I’d never before seen them with such a bright flame of color.

Silky Oaks at Country Club

I was on a quest to identify the tree. I even flagged down a groundsman on the Country Club property, but he couldn’t help me.

Silky Oaks 2

My mom turned out to be the best detective! What a good idea–call the arborists responsible for tree maintenance. And so she did.

Grevillea robusta

Grevillea robusta, or silky oak, is a beautiful tree, especially in spring bloom. Also called Australian Silver Oak, it is a native of eastern coastal Australia.

I think it’s beautiful. But apparently, not everyone is quite as fond. I found a review on one of my favorite gardening sites, Dave’s Garden. 

I’ll leave you with a little humor coming from someone less pleased with the aesthetic qualities of the silky oak.

“Hi, I live north of San Francisco , and I have to tell you this is a messy, ugly tree. I just had it cut down today! it was 45′ tall and just crapped all over my deck, and my neighbors deck, all year round. It drops leaves, it drops flowers, it drops seeds. And it almost never looses [sic] all its seeds, so, The tree looks so shoddy. I have lived at my house for 6 years and I wanted to cut it down after the first year. I truly despised this tree. And now its gone, good riddens [sic]. Please, think twice if you plan to add this tree to your property. Take a look at this tree before you buy. Or, if you buy this tree, buy a rake, you will need it.”

Australian Oak

And here I thought it was a really beautiful tree.

Have a wonderful weekend…with a good long exhale. Apparently Darwin needs one, too. I caught him hiding under the bushes this week.

Darwin in hiding

He was so camouflaged I almost couldn’t find him. We’ll spend some time with him this weekend, and he’ll be good as new! That’s what a weekend can do for you…so enjoy!