All Aboard! Riding the Backyard Rails.

I’ve struggled with getting this post up and running. I’ve had some YouTube problems, but after about three hours of struggle, I’m giving up. It will be what it will be.

I’ve teased before with photos of our backyard railroad. I wasn’t holding out on you, it just took some time to scour external hard drives and each of our computers to find the photos that illustrate the building process.

In 2006, after several years of planning and a great deal of collaborative hard work, our G-Scale (G for garden) railroad was born.

The amount of work that goes into maintaining track and rolling stock, not to mention the work that goes into keeping the water healthy is a significant responsibility. Jay spent the entire weekend on his hands and knees removing acorns and cleaning the track. Corrosion buildup affects electrical conductivity.

But the enjoyment we and others who visit derive from the sounds and visual appeal when the trains are rolling is significant. And although I’m not the one working on it for hours, I’d still assess the effort is worthwhile.

I’ll share just one photo taken from the early stage in the layout, and in my next post I’ll give much more detail.

Early Railroad Outline

Enjoy a little ride on the rails, and if you can stick with it to the end you can hear Darwin chomping his greens.

I hope you enjoyed the ride, and that this week provides smooth travels wherever you go. Don’t forget to Breathe Lighter!