How often do I mention we badly need rain?

Well, guess what!

We had some!

Rainy work day

It didn’t last long. And I know it’s the proverbial drop in the bucket, but I still did a little happy dance.

The first good downpour occurred while I was still at work and although I wasn’t in a position to stand out and get a good soaking, I enjoyed some time on our little porch and took in the sound–and the long overdue fragrance of the world washed clean.


It was wonderful–for as long as it lasted.

Later the same day…

Blue skies

Maybe it will actually feel a little bit like Thanksgiving after all.

And here we have the irony.

I was hoping we could use our beautiful outdoor tent for our Thanksgiving gathering. When it’s 75 degrees, as typical, it’s certainly easier to move a large group outdoors than to crowd us into my average-sized dining room–or spread us out all over the house.

Backyard Party Tent

But weather reports warn I might be a little busy this week implementing “Plan B.”

Seems we might have rain next Thursday. I’m still saying “yippee”–but I wouldn’t be too disappointed if the rain makes an appearance Friday rather than Thursday.

I can plan for many things, but I’m not in charge of the weather, so we’ll see!

If rain visits your home on a regular basis I don’t suspect this video will mean much to you! ┬áBut if you’re also in the parched southwest, well, you’ll understand why I stood outside my office and had to make a recording. It was lovely!

There’s a turkey already resting in the refrigerator and all the food assignments have been handed out. Now I just have to watch the weather reports to see where we’ll be seated!

But rain would still be nice. We hardly ever get to use the fireplace!