The Cool Sulcata

It’s hot! Really hot!

Nothing new about that. But this year we made it all the way to the very last days of August before the rising temperatures hit the magic numbers when we begin to pull out the shade cloth to cover all the potted plants–clearly I have too many–and now that we have a newly developed yard with more natives than we’ve ever had before, I must resist the temptation to sneak in extra watering. I can use this time to see if all I’ve been told about their resilience is indeed true. So far, I’m a bit amazed.

Caring for the pets in this heat is always worrisome to me. Zena, however, is not suffering in this heat at all.


She is now almost 15 years old and so arthritic, poor baby, that getting up and down is hard for her. It’s hard for us to observe! Yet she still tries to follow us around, so at the moment she’s enjoying her humans stuck indoors with air conditioning.

But then there’s Darwin. He’s an African Sulcata and tolerates the heat well. He has plenty of covered area and we keep water in his enclosure. And he’s smart!

Earlier this week when the temperatures jumped I went to check on him. First thing I noticed was the hay and mud covering his water source. I lifted the corner of the tarp we use as one of his enclosures, and surprise!


He had burrowed the most amazing dugout. The tarp overhead protects him from the sun, but this cool African Sulcata knows what to do to improve his comfort. The area is currently a mess, and should we ever see rain again we will need to backfill, but for now his body fits the hole perfectly. Pretty smart, I’d say!


Keeping the water clean, however, isn’t going to be quite as easy.

I get a kick out of this guy and thought you might, too.

Cheers to an enjoyable weekend, whatever the climate!