Somewhere Between the Noise and Calm

Last time we met on this page I shared the joyful remnants of summer, expressing my delight through the meditative Mary Oliver poem, Mindful. Jay and I, enjoying the sounds of birds at the feeders with a backdrop of peaceful sound from our backyard stream were finding everyday delight in restful, contemplative simple pleasures.

And then…

The noise rolled in.


October 2nd the work crews with their heavy equipment and accompanying noise clattered in for the remainder of the month. It’s a large water project, and that’s about all I know.

When the work is completed we won’t miss the added chaos, but the one who will be the most relieved will be our poor dog, Zena.

A small metal sign posted on the wall by our back door reads,

Agenda for the day:

Let dog in–Let dog out–Let dog in–Let dog out

And so it goes! In–then out, pace for a while, come back in, whimper and hang her head, back out the door…pitifully beg for a treat, and on it goes. Poor Zena is having a hard time with all the noise and commotion.

By the end of last week I also needed a break. So taking advantage of a beautiful day, we headed to Malibu, a city west of Los Angeles that stretches for more than 30 miles along the Pacific.

We couldn’t pass this spot without stopping for a fish taco, or two…or three…

This little seafood restaurant has been featured in countless television and film productions.

We just picked it for the view!

The sound of waves and a good walk on some sand is one of my favorite ways to shed accumulated stress of any sort. As we walked this beach we were keenly aware of our good fortune. ¬†Hurricane Michael was battering the east coast while we were safely enjoying coastal peace–very sobering.

One more photo?

The only sound was the surf. Sublime!

We did return to noise…but by then we were breathing lighter.

If you’re needing a good exhale, I hope you find your own peaceful place, with or without sand.