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Chaos…fortunately temporary

We didn’t just invite chaos into our lives for a brief visit, we also gave him the keys to the house and provided him a seat at the table!



Having lived in the same home for 42 years we’ve experienced many “home improvement” seasons. Some last longer than others, but maintenance of any home is at times overwhelming.

When you put some things off for, oh say, 42 years? Some projects require heavy reinforcement.


We quickly found out that a new driveway, beyond the obvious demolition and importing of new materials, also involves re-routing irrigation systems, removing all the shrubbery and “green material” along the landscape boundaries–and a lot of dirt!

Currently it is one giant mess–feel free to click on the images if you’d like to see a more expansive view of said mess!


Triple-digit heat, clouds of dirt, lots of noise and a large white dog without her usual freedom–chaos.

But when it starts to get to me and I think I might not be able to cope, I just picture the finished project! Won’t it be wonderful to walk without falling into small sinkholes?

And when that isn’t quite enough, I turn my thoughts to remembering our wonderful trip to Kauai. We enjoyed a “summer” vacation in late January.


Our son and daughter-in-law included us in their wedding plans on Hanalei Bay, and seven months later I can still feel those wonderful breezes and remember the joy of the occasion.


Visualization is a wonderful tool!

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It also helps to remind me that we signed up for this mess! Yep! We invited in this chaos.

I’m taking lots of deep breaths…and doing what I can to breathe lighter.

The project is supposed to take another three weeks.

I may need some back-up visualizations.