Week Three: El Niño Report from the Huntington Botanical Gardens

Precipitation is defined as “any product of the condensation of atmospheric water vapor that falls under gravity.”  Something wet fell from the sky on Tuesday,–very briefly. I wasn’t too impressed.

I’m ready for a good old-fashioned downpour, but this was my view and I’m not complaining.




I thought I’d make just a quick tour of the succulents and  move on to another garden area, but there was just too much to see.




DSC_2570I spent a full 90 minutes in one relatively small portion of the garden. The succulents were blooming and the bees were feasting, their collective hum loud enough to hear from a distance.

Maybe next week these cacti will be blooming!



What a riot of winter color!


Sometimes all we need to do is simply appreciate. And I do.


I was encouraged to join Jude’s Winter Garden Challenge. To follow along and perhaps add photos of your own winter garden experience, click HEREYou’ll find some of her beautiful garden photography HERE.

I would really enjoy seeing what January offers in your winter garden.

With blizzards descending on a significant portion  of the U.S. this weekend, I think it’s best I just be very happy with the warmth and color of January in my little corner of the world. This is really not the time to complain about a drought.

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