You know how hot it is by the way you worry about your worms.

I don’t really suffer much in triple-digit heat. It’s a very strange anomaly for May, but I work in air conditioning and have a comfortable car and home, so I’m not really bothered too much, but I realized yesterday that my small close-to-me circle of concern does involve heat-related responsibilities well beyond my personal comfort.

We try to conserve our water usage, but when it’s above 100° we still have to keep the garden alive, so we are out there hand watering potted plants and giving even parched succulents a short drink. I have strawberry plants I need to get in the ground and I’m questioning that we’ll even be able to get them taken care of this weekend. I’m giving their little bare roots therapeutic sips of nourishment as I can, but they need soil soon.

Then there are the animals. Darwin isn’t bothered by this heat. He’s active and comfortable under these high heat conditions. But Zena is sapped, the birds have stayed in the trees and only come down in the early morning or late afternoon, and even the squirrels are quiet.

I know how hot it is when I’m caught worrying about how to keep my worms alive!

I was at work when it dawned on me that I couldn’t be sure the worms weren’t suffering. I came home to give them a drink and make sure they weren’t cooking in their plastic bin.

photo 1

Just the other day I harvested a wonderful large bag of beautifully dark and nutrient-rich worm castings, and don’t tell anyone, but I’ve had to bring that little bag indoors to keep it cool enough to use later this weekend. Left outdoors it will just dry up. No family, it isn’t in the refrigerator or anywhere near your food.


This morning I heard that reports of San Diego County’s wildfires have made the international news. I’m not too surprised.  Although these areas have burned in the past, each time it is a new and terrible experience for those who are directly affected.

At the moment there are more than a dozen devastating wildfires, and as long as there are crazy arsonists determined to take advantage of high temperature, dry conditions, there is anxiety in the air.

Earlier this week I passed a multiple-engine fire vehicle convoy, no sirens, but lights flashing, as Los Angeles County units were on their way 100 miles south to assist in fire containment efforts. There is hope that today overall fire conditions will improve, and that progress will be made on the fire lines.

San Diego is a very large county and these fires are certainly not downtown, but I happen to have some photos of the mixed architecture that gives this lovely city some of its charm, and I thought you might at least enjoy a quick peek.

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It’s a beautiful and vibrant city, and I think the city planners have done an excellent job of utilizing old historic buildings and blending modern efficiencies with a strong nod to historicity.

I don’t know what our weekend is really going to look like. I am deliberately keeping my options open.

Will I be out in the garden spreading my worm compost and planting strawberries?

Will I be sitting on the patio under the oak tree trying to keep cool but looking for my backyard bird friends?

Will we just throw a party and have the family over for a BBQ and pretend it’s August?

Or will I go to the coast, which frankly hasn’t been much cooler but always feels like it is, and just enjoy my favorite escapes. I’ll be breathing lighter whatever I do, but I think a little ocean-viewing time is definitely at the top of my list.

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I feel cooler already!

I hope you’ll find your own breathing lighter moments this weekend. And I will look forward to hearing all about your personal weekend “exhales.”

I do love weekends!