An unlikely White Christmas–we get creative around here!

I hope you’ve had a very nice weekend. I enjoyed mine, spending time with friends I don’t regularly have a chance to see socially, following through with some holiday baking and  we decorated the Christmas tree, also making a good start on the outdoor lights. We even had time to watch a Netflix DVD that’s been sitting here for at least two weeks.

And as the song says, “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.”  Christmas  in Southern California that is…Monday’s temperature is predicted to be 75 degrees and sunny.

What is winter in Southern California? Well, does it tell you something that I’m wearing the same clothes to work in December that I also wore in August? I might wear a light jacket, but I don’t wear a true coat, I don’t own boots, and I think hats, gloves and scarves are beautiful, but I rarely wear them.

Christmas morning we light a fire and create the ambiance we envision for our family  gathering. That works for an hour or so if we begin really early, but by midmorning my brother is stating he thinks he may spontaneously combust and we begin to peel off the layers of clothing, turn off the fire, sometimes even opening windows.

But this weekend…

Karina on sled

Sophia and Karina had the chance to enjoy several rides down a “snow mountain” on a sled. When I saw the photos and videos their mommy sent me I just had to laugh and enjoy right along with them! The looks of joy and delight on their faces tell it all…this is the best they’re going to get of snow in Los Angeles! But what fun!

Sophia on sled

They don’t compare their experience to children living in REAL snow conditions, they just hold on tight and feel the exhilaration of speed.  They had a ball!

So although we won’t have a White Christmas this year, I applaud the folks who thought to bring a little snowy fun for the children. And if you live where snow is an expected holiday visitor, please enjoy the brief video clips of Karina and her cousin Annaka on one sled, and Sophia on the second, enjoying their winter fun.

Don’t chuckle too hard at what we call snow! Just listen to the shrieks and try to remember your own youth, and what it felt like to be a child with the fun of an unexpected treat!

I hope you, too, can find some joy as you begin the week.