Successful Santa sighting…drama limited to one driveway mishap!

I want to take a moment to wish a simple Merry Christmas, sending my gratitude to those of you who stop by to share and comment on our posts. I am simply amazed at this process and can’t tell you how much I enjoy hearing from each one of you! I have chuckled on more than one occasion at how little I knew about the blogging community when I put up that first post, and as I slowly began to connect to readers I was also completely surprised at how much I looked forward to reading your blogposts and hearing what each of you have to say. I learn so much! So I send warm wishes for a peace-filled Christmas and I look forward to hearing stories of your families, fun-filled events, and thoughts you gather over the next few days.

And to conclude my Santa story from the other day—we had a very successful evening! We were once again routed away from our dinner, but this year my mother volunteered to stand guard–a four-generation event. Sophia took a nasty spill on the driveway, a definite two band-aid scrape right through the new pants, but fortunately before Santa actually came down the street she had stopped screaming, “But there’s blood!” at an ear-splitting decibel.

Santa’s arrival, heralded by a speeding motorcycle officer zooming up and down our street, provided ample forewarning to gather with our neighbors and we enthusiastically waved at officers in two patrol cars, firefighters in two engines and one emergency vehicle, and, of course, Santa and his contingency in a modified engine bejeweled in lights. It was really quite spectacular.

Merry Christmas, Debra