Saturday Paws–Meet some other special family members!

It’s been a busy week for Beth and the girls so they’ve taken a momentary pause.  I didn’t mind. It gives me the opportunity to introduce you to my niece and nephews…the furry ones, that is.  I’m so amused by the three of these dogs, each so individual, and a combo of fun!

My brother and sister-in-law have three grown children, but their family currently includes three active canines.  Devoted dog lovers, their menagerie kept expanding, welcoming in rescue pups in need of a good home, and now when all three pets are playing together in the family living room, you can’t deny they settled in to make this THEIR home!


Kody was the first to arrive.  My niece, Rachel, originally named him Demetrius, but no one else in the family would buy into that! Eventually the name Kody won out! When he was a pup he reminded us of a small Kodiak bear cub.

Kody and Sophia

Before Sophia was even two years old her Aunt Heather brought Kody to our house several times a month for a visit.  Kody is a patient dog! Sophia was very gentle with Kody, but you can see in this picture that the leash is pulled in a rather uncomfortable direction.

Before long it was time for Kody to have a baby brother–and along came Chewy!

Meet Chewy!

When this little guy first arrived he was quite the ball of  nervous energy! I don’t know the history of Chewy’s circumstance before he arrived at his new home, but it did take some time before Chewy was comfortable with visitors and whenever we showed up he’d do his best imitation of a “vicious” bark.  Even so, he was very cute! And since those early days he has certainly become my sister-in-law Heather’s constant sidekick.  As long as Mama Heather is nearby, despite the fact that he is the smallest in stature, he assumes that he runs the place!

Chewy in his comfort zone!

Before long it was time to bring a little girl into the mix.  This little girl–well, not so little, is quite an exceptional dog, and when she enters a room all heads turn! A beautiful Olde English Bulldogge,  Bowser is truly an amazing dog.  She’s strong and muscular, a gorgeous brindle of reddish-brown, black and white, and genuinely extremely gentle. She’s just big!


Bowser is really my nephew Jordan’s dog. This picture was taken earlier this summer and Bowser has grown some since then!  Because Jordan is a working college student Heather is frequently on-point for dog park play dates and other out of the home activity. I can’t imagine how she isn’t pulled down the street, feet flying! But Bowser does her best to patiently accommodate for her size!  I did ask Jordan if he had considered that Bowser was not a particularly feminine name, but apparently the name was a favorite and determined long before he found his dog. And somehow the name just fits!

My nephew Jordan with his girl Bowser

These great dogs bring a lot of joy! Our family regularly gets together at this pet-lively home and we are all routinely entertained when the three decide to rough-and-tumble. It’s a lively time when they interact with two young girls, and as a grandmother, I’m really pleased to see that our little ones have no fear and always look forward to an active time of play.

Sometime I’ll post a little bit about the wonderful rescue home where these three little pals spent time before being adopted.  The young woman who is responsible for a caring pre-adoption home is easily worth a post of her own!

Enjoy your weekend.  And if you don’t have any dogs or large pets in your own home, you surely have friends that do.  Perhaps this weekend you could make a strategic home visit and get in on some additional fun!