A Friday exhale…breathing lighter with Zena the Wonder Dog!

Here we are at the threshold of another weekend. Since I don’t go to work on Fridays I tend to let a lot of little errands, household duties and chores pile up all week. Friday is my “clean up” day. I had my morning all planned out, including putting up an entirely different post.

Zena had other ideas for my morning.

She wanted to play.

We have held to the name Zena. She is definitely not a Xena–Warrior Princess. She is far from powerful. Or even demanding. She is mostly very gentle and bit timid. Would a warrior choose a little plastic pot and a baby toy as favorite playthings?

Would a warrior nuzzle a tortoise? They are actually good buddies. Neither feels the least bit intimidated. Pinky, on the other hand, is now situated in the front yard. I think we were tempting fate by keeping a rabbit at dog’s eye level.

She is so gentle we haven’t had to do a bit of repair to our backyard railroad. She tiptoes around plants, exhibiting caution we can’t seem to expect from Darwin. She gently helps herself to a drink from the bank, which is convenient. In our typically very hot and dry weather, we don’t have to worry about dehydration. I do have to watch out for muddy paws coming indoors.

She’s a wonderful little companion. First thing today I gave her some breakfast. She nibbled, but with little interest. She seemed delighted I was going to be her home companion today, and as soon as I sat down to enjoy my first cup of coffee, she was in my face, beckoning me to come outdoors.

How is it animals can communicate their needs so clearly? How could I ignore her big brown eyes? She has a way of getting me to do whatever she wants, and NOW! The following ensued:

It’s a little hard to throw a ball and take a video from the phone, but I wanted to share some her morning exuberance!

Zena the Wonder Dog!

She’s such a good companion and a welcome addition to our family. In my own effort to slow down just a little bit, maybe she’s a good focus. It’s been a long time since I played ball with anyone!

And maybe we’ll get some rest this weekend, too. Even the dog knows how to restore balance.

The weekend is a good time for a giant exhale! So go for it!