Who knew a bunny and a tortoise would require so much supervision? Darwin is at it again!

I am always so pleased when you ask me about Darwin. He has his own little fan club, and nothing could please me more. This time of year we watch him closely.

We may not have snow, but for the first time I got into my car the other day and the sensor flashed “Warning! There may be ice.”

OK…don’t laugh! That really was a the first time I’d seen that message. I didn’t even know the car had the capability to sense potential road hazards.

I don’t worry about the roads, but I do have concern for an African Sulcata Tortoise who needs consistent warmth. This time of year he needs a lamp and belly pad, protection from the wind and burrowing materials. He doesn’t leave the green house for days at a time.

Darwin under heat lamp

Pinky has a nice little condo, and we can easily  monitor her warmth. She has plenty of dry timothy hay, an upstairs covered room with a view and a very small cubby we call “the panic room.” If she’s concerned for safety, or presumably needs more warmth, she can hide out in a totally concealed space.

But here’s the story.

We moved Pinky’s condo the other day to a sunnier spot with the advantage of making her more visible from the kitchen window. We like monitoring her and making sure she’s doing well. (Can you imagine what we’d be like with a dog?)

Out came the sun–and so did Darwin!

“Oh boy! A friend! And a friend with carrots and kale!”

Pinky and Darwin

Oh great! Another engineering dilemma. I’d prefer a less cluttered view, but Darwin can push Pinky’s swinging door wide open!

Pinky behind bars

So now we block the door! There is an umbrella to keep exposed timothy hay dry, and a piece of old wood flooring blocks the door. Are we holding Pinky in, or keeping Darwin OUT! 


He still has a good view, and they can converse.

Pinky is just as interested in Darwin’s chow! She sits in the corner eyeing him with interest, probably imagining his outdoor freedom…and generous diet!

Darwin with broccoli

He doesn’t look wily, does he? He isn’t particularly mischievous. He’s just BIG, and very heavy. And when he wants something, he makes his wishes known.

When he first came to live with us, we never could have imagined how many adaptive measures would be necessary to keep everyone safe–and content!

Darwin joins the family
Darwin joins the family

And don’t let the sunshine in the photos fool you! Today is cold and rainy. Darwin won’t need my supervision, so I have a little field trip planned to follow another one of my interests. I’ll take my camera.

I breathe lighter when I take the time to shift gears from a week jammed with responsibilities and tight scheduling.

A little field trip today will usher in the weekend with a good exhale!

It’s your weekend, too. Don’t forget to de-stressify!