We stayed home all weekend–Darwin needed us!

Magical thinking hasn’t been working.

The last couple of months we’ve been enjoying weekends with friends and family, playing and avoiding responsibilities at home…

And apparently in our absence the garden maintenance genies have not been coming in and helping out.

It might be hard for you to imagine, but the first of the spring roses are already spent and need deadheading. And we won’t even mention the weeds!

So it was a weekend to take care of business.

And apparently someone else was also very glad to have us home.

While we worked in the front yard, quite a distance from Darwin’s backyard sanctuary, he managed to push open a rarely used side gate and came out to surprise us! He’s never done this before, but we think he heard voices and wanted to share our company.

Of course, after a few minutes of eating grass he tired of us and took off down the street.

After relocating him to the backyard, he hovered at the back door.

Darwin at the back door

Darwin has been on a diet. We recently learned that his shell should not have all those beautiful pyramids! Too much broccoli and protein rich greens have created a condition that is not good for his overall health.

He is not thrilled with his new diet of grass and timothy hay and begs for attention–pity is more like it–at the door. He is a persistent little fellow!

I think he really did miss us. Everywhere we went he followed us like a puppy. How big IS that little brain!

Aware he wasn’t getting his preferred goodies, he resorted to being underfoot while we weeded the succulent and cactus garden and then finally resigned, he grabbed a mouthful of grass and a few small pieces of discarded aloe.

Monday morning sends us out the door to work…I’m not sure what Darwin will be up to, but he’s a clever fellow. I hope he won’t go wandering away from home on a broccoli hunt!

I do wonder what mischief Darwin gets into when we’re at work.