It Never Rains…but when it does

You may recall the 1973 soft rock Albert Hammond hit, “It Never Rains in Southern California.”  I’ve always liked the song, enthusiastically singing the repeated refrain, “It never rains in California, but girl, don’t they warn ya? It pours, man, it pours.” 

I’ve long suspected that I’m solar-powered, and with some of the coldest and wettest days we’ve had in years, I have slowed down this past week.

I’m recovering from a hefty cold or virus and while I’ve watched the rain come down in buckets, I’ve also been dreaming about getting into the garden as soon as possible.

I can hardly wait to get out and get my fingers dirty! Gardening is one of my favorite pastimes.  I’d call it a passion.

I have friends with very different passionate goals and objectives and I’m amazed at how hard they work to keep moving forward with their dreams.

Many of you recognize New York Times Best Selling Author, and my friend, Andra Watkins. Andra’s heavy speaking schedule brings her to my area a couple of times a year and even though she is traveling for work, not vacation time, it does give me an opportunity to visit with her in person.

Click HERE to familiarize yourself with Andra’s compelling novels and check out her speaking schedule. You might find she’ll be visiting near you! I have been fortunate to accompany Andra on some of her local-to-me speaking engagements, and I recommend her as a “for sure” crowd pleaser. You can learn more about her popular “Make a Memory” speaking topic HERE.

Andra is very passionate and committed to her writing and speaking schedule, and if you haven’t yet read her latest book, “I Am Number 13,” the third installment in her intriguing Nowhere series, it’s a fast-paced read and a terrific vehicle as a lift from any winter “blues” you may be experiencing.

Before I go back under my blanket with a cup of hot tea, I have one more friend to share with you.

In truth, I haven’t personally met Cara Wilson-Granat, but one of my closest friends knows her well and introduced me this week to Cara’s TEDx talk, “What Matters: Lessons from Anne Frank’s Father.”

Cara began a correspondence and friendship with Otto Frank while she was still a young girl. A key aspect of what she learned from this remarkable and very special relationship is shared in her talk, and I am confident it will mean something to each of you, should you take the time to listen.

I may have less energy when my sun-source is on pause, but I do feel fortunate to have such creative and energizing friends.

I hope you have an enjoyable weekend.

I’ve worried about my trees for several years now, and I think I’ll spend the weekend watching the rain puddle under the huge oak in our backyard.  I can almost hear her sighing with relief!