Simple acts of Thanksgiving…it couldn’t be easier!

Sometimes there really is a fork in the road!

 Are you familiar with the term guerilla art? Maybe you prefer street art, but we’re talking about when an artist anonymously leaves a work of art in a public place, and usually somewhere unauthorized.

The 18-foot tall wooden fork  started out as a joke between friends. In November of 2009 Ken Marshall, a local man, created the fork for his friend Bob Stane’s 75th birthday in response to their on-going joke that the intersection needed a fork to mark its distinctive split.

At first it wasn’t allowed to stay on California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) property, but the public applied pressure for the popular “utensil” and it now stands tall and proud.

This past weekend “Fork Plaza” was the location for a Thanksgiving food drive, “Put the Fork in Hunger.”

A food drive brought people out to contribute canned goods and beverages to supplement the “Biggest Potluck in the Nation.”  For over 30 years, Pasadena’s Union Station Foundation has sponsored the annual Thanksgiving Dinner-in-the-Park, providing a warm meal to more than 7,000 low income or homeless, senior citizens, and those alone for the Holidays.

The Fork Foundation collected food items to supplement the more than 150 turkeys and approximately 5,000 pounds of potatoes that will be served one week from today.

I love the way a joke between two friends has grown into the symbol for a reputable charitable foundation supporting other programs addressing hunger in our community.

Contributing to local food drives is just one very easy way to make a difference in any community.  And it’s an easy thing to do. But there are even easier ways to share with others.

Have you noticed the labels on Heinz Ketchup?

Over 650 million bottles of Heinz Ketchup are sold around the world in more than 140 countries, with annual sales of more than $1.5 billion.

The Wounded Warrior Project raises awareness and provides aid for the needs of injured service members through direct programs and services.

If you take just one quick minute you can do a little more? Click here!   For every e-card sent to a Veteran, Heinz will donate $1.00 to The Wounded Warrior Project. You can even designate the card to a Veteran you know personally. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

I have already sent several cards. I’ll have to take Heinz at their word that donations are flooding in to this worthy agency. When something is this easy I can be a little suspicious!

Although I’m not really a “ketchup person,” I always have some Heinz ketchup on-hand. I have learned that some people need their Ketchup, and I need to keep it in my refrigerator for guests.

Even though I’m recommending you purchase Heinz for the benefit of the Wounded Warrior Project, there are still times when you might want something a little special.

Chicago John happened to post a homemade ketchup recipe that turned my head today! This is a ketchup I would enjoy! It might not be as easy as buying a plastic bottle at the grocery store, but it sure looks like it would be worth the effort.

Go to From the Bartolini Kitchens  and see if it doesn’t make you think twice about what REAL ketchup should look like.

Let’s take advantage of the Thanksgiving season to share a little more with others. Be creative! And while you’re at it, encourage others to do the same. Spread a little food for thought!
Bob Hope said, “If you haven’t got any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.”