{ breathing lighter at a slower pace }

A few of my friends have asked if I have stopped blogging. I guess I have been a little sporadic. But, NO. I’m not ready to retire “breathelighter.”

But speaking of retirement…

In March it will be two years since Jay retired, and I just passed the 18-month milestone. It’s taken much of the past year and half to learn how to slow down.

I’m finally embracing the joy in knowing that we control the clock and calendar–not the other way around. Sometimes it takes me a while to see the obvious!

Time on the yoga mat frequently opens me up to thoughts or insights that must be lurking in the shadows just waiting for me to embrace them in the quiet. When we first position ourselves on our mats I begin to visualize a favorite spot at the beach. It always works and I can immediately “be here now.”

Until the other day…

What a surprise to close my eyes and prepare for my brief repose on the beach and to “find myself” in my paternal grandmother’s back yard. There she was, in clothing I remember well, quietly showing me her newly planted spring pansies and the sweet peas growing up the trellis on the side of the garage.

It was so REAL–my own little wrinkle in time. I momentarily felt like she was really there as I was really there with her.  I can still feel how warm and precious those few moments were. And I feel certain there was a reason I flashed to that particular memory.

Both of my grandmothers were very important to me, but when I specifically think of my paternal grandmother I flash to a particularly quiet and peaceful composition.

She taught me to knit. Knitting requires patience. Slow.

She never failed to give me at least a small cooking lesson when I visited, which was often. She didn’t have a big kitchen or many conveniences. At the end of every meal the dishes were hand washed and dried and order was restored–slowly.

She took me to her library to get books to read even though I had my own card and books already checked out from my home library. In the afternoon, after we watched her only soap, Days of Our Lives, she’d turn off the television and we’d quietly read for a while.

She knew how to unplug, even though she never had a computer or cell device.

I can’t be sure why I’ve recently flashed to these particular memories, but I’ve been grateful for them.

I think my “visit” has me reaching for the simple pleasure of quiet activity.

For instance…

I’ve been baking sourdough bread, teaching my granddaughters how to appreciate the ritual of feeding the starter, letting the dough slowly rise and then the pleasure of baking fresh bread.

I hope to leave them a warm and fragrant memory.

I’ve been reading. A lot!

For the last several years I have put so much time into blogging and following my favorite blogs that I haven’t found a time for reading the books and other material I’ve been collecting. I’m still reaching for a better balance.

And I have just created a little corner devoted to the peaceful return to the pleasure of listening to vinyl. The cracks and pops, the needing to get up every few minutes to turn the record over, and feeling that time isn’t moving quite so quickly, serves a restful purpose.

So to answer the question about whether or not I’m stepping away from blogging–No. I’m just experiencing life differently.

I’m slowing my actions down and finding ways to turn down some of the noise. There’s a lot of it. Wouldn’t you agree?

It’s a boost to well-being, and we all need that! Are you finding fresh ways to breathe lighter?

I encourage you to share your thoughts. I always enjoy hearing from you.

Wishing you happy, quiet  memories to assist in breathing lighter! Shhhhh….