Pasadena’s Arlington Garden…an excellent weekend’s exhale

Wednesday was the first day of spring, but I hear that in some parts of the country winter isn’t making a gracious exit.

If you’re tired of rain and snow maybe you want to add your name to a lawsuit filed against Punxsatawney Phil, stating he “purposely and with prior calculation and design, caused the people to believe that Spring would come early.”

Since February 2nd, when the famed Pennsylvania groundhog didn’t see his shadow and spirits were buoyed at the promise of an early spring, much of the midwest and northeast  has been blanketed in cold, rain or snow.

Apparently enough is enough! Ohio Prosecutor Mike Gmoser even called for the death penalty!

Waking this morning to this story I almost changed my mind about posting photos of a beautiful spring garden. But maybe it will give you a nice focus…it just CAN’T be long now!

In my part of the world, spring has fully sprung!

And the colors are starting to create such a splashy show I find myself letting go with some ” ooooh’s and ahhhh’s” in deep appreciation.

And Pasadena’s Arlington Garden is the perfect spot to drink it all in.

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This dedicated public garden is the perfect place to bring a cup of coffee and maybe a scone or sandwich, to sit surrounded by 350 trees and thousands of plants that do well in a Mediterranean climate, and luxuriate in tranquility.

This three acre garden is on the site of a former turn-of-the-century Victorian home, on a street once referred to as “Millionaires’ Row.” The elegant home remained in the family of the original owners until 1960, then a year later it was razed, with property eventually acquired by Caltrans.

But something wonderful and very unusual transpired.

Beginning in 2003 community members came together with city government to create a garden of native and drought tolerant plants, shrubs and trees. The garden is open from dawn to dusk 365 days a year and is located on the corner of Arlington Drive and Pasadena Avenue.

It’s just down the street from the famous Fork in the Road landmark, and only a block away from one of the busiest Pasadena thoroughfares. But somehow this park’s design fools you! It’s quiet and peaceful, and a big surprise!

One thing about its location that pleases me the most is its close proximity to Huntington Hospital. I can’t help but think of how restorative a brief walk in this quiet environment would be for anyone required to make frequent hospital visitations.

There is a lot of history connected to the property and many more wonderful things I’d love to share about the garden, but spring is just getting underway. I expect to be a frequent visitor and as I share the garden with you across the seasons I’ll add a little bit more of the story for added measure.

If you just can’t see yourself spending any time outdoors this weekend, I hope that sharing some photos of Arlington Garden might inspire you to begin planning spring outdoor adventures of your own–the winter thaw can’t be too far off.

Hang on just a little bit longer…

And it’s still the weekend…so don’t forget to exhale!