Someone very special turns 5. Wait until you see what she got for her birthday!

October seems to be our birthday month, with three out of four  weekend family gatherings. Sunday we did double duty.  Sophia came close to being born on her daddy’s birthday. Anthony’s birthday was on Sunday, and Sophia turns five on Tuesday, the 23rd!

We all asked Sophia what she wanted for her birthday. She was very non-committal. If pressed to give a response, she usually said, “Surprise me.”

She was ready for a big girl bike without training wheels. She wanted her own jewelry box. She asked for nightgowns, “Because I get hot.”  She loves books.

But she gave us the biggest surprise of all!

Yep!  That’s a pretty pink cast, though, isn’t it?

I wasn’t completely in favor of her starting school, you know. And I’m now convinced that running on a playground is hazardous.

It’s a good thing for Sophia that her mommy and daddy are in charge.

But for now, NO soccer, Tae-Kwon-Do–recess–bike riding…

An active five-year old will be sitting things out for a few weeks.

Maybe I’ll be able to have a few more overnights while her busy date book has some openings?

Happy Birthday to my favorite 5-year old!

You are loved!