Summer is over, and I’m not having it!

Where did it go? It was just here yesterday!

We’ve had a wonderful summer and I’m not at all that ready to move on to fall. Some people just LOVE fall, and I do think it is a beautiful season. But I love the freedom of summer. And it’s all but over!

You’re my friends and I trust you won’t judge too harshly, so I’ll admit it! I cried–just a little bit– when Aimee sent a text with photos of a smiling Sophia as she entered First Grade! Today.

It's all about the backpack!
It’s all about the backpack!

Yes, I am one of those. I also cried every year when my children returned to school. I wasn’t a great big sobbing mess, but I always enjoyed the summer with my children and I wasn’t ready to give over our freedom. There was that…and they always looked a little more mature. Time has always moved too quickly for me.

And I guess if I’m going to be honest I’ll have to admit these tearful transitions weren’t just about grade school. When Jonathan moved to San Francisco for Law School I couldn’t go into his “old” room for a couple of weeks without tearing up. You can roll your eyes. I understand.

I really am “one of those.”  I try to hide it. I keep most of my thoughts to myself, but occasionally I reveal my fantasies and suggest to my children we form a family compound. “Let’s all live together”–you know, like the Kennedy’s on Hyannis Port?

So far–no takers.

So I will shift out of summer mode and be pleased as punch that Sophia loves school!

For weeks she has been proudly announcing “I’m a First Grader,” very excited she has graduated to the “big kid” playground. Life is good when you’re almost six!

Since school does cut into our jaunts quite a bit it’s a lot harder to find time for our little field trips.

But  we did have some really enjoyable times this summer, and I have the photos to prove it!

So my next few posts will include the summer in review. If I get a little blue I may need to remind myself of the many things we were able to do together over this short summer! I’ll have to focus on our good times while I wait for Christmas vacation.

Classroom Ready!
Classroom Ready!

Yep! Summer went too quickly!