Summer is over, and I’m not having it!

Where did it go? It was just here yesterday!

We’ve had a wonderful summer and I’m not at all that ready to move on to fall. Some people just LOVE fall, and I do think it is a beautiful season. But I love the freedom of summer. And it’s all but over!

You’re my friends and I trust you won’t judge too harshly, so I’ll admit it! I cried–just a little bit– when Aimee sent a text with photos of a smiling Sophia as she entered First Grade! Today.

It's all about the backpack!
It’s all about the backpack!

Yes, I am one of those. I also cried every year when my children returned to school. I wasn’t a great big sobbing mess, but I always enjoyed the summer with my children and I wasn’t ready to give over our freedom. There was that…and they always looked a little more mature. Time has always moved too quickly for me.

And I guess if I’m going to be honest I’ll have to admit these tearful transitions weren’t just about grade school. When Jonathan moved to San Francisco for Law School I couldn’t go into his “old” room for a couple of weeks without tearing up. You can roll your eyes. I understand.

I really am “one of those.”  I try to hide it. I keep most of my thoughts to myself, but occasionally I reveal my fantasies and suggest to my children we form a family compound. “Let’s all live together”–you know, like the Kennedy’s on Hyannis Port?

So far–no takers.

So I will shift out of summer mode and be pleased as punch that Sophia loves school!

For weeks she has been proudly announcing “I’m a First Grader,” very excited she has graduated to the “big kid” playground. Life is good when you’re almost six!

Since school does cut into our jaunts quite a bit it’s a lot harder to find time for our little field trips.

But  we did have some really enjoyable times this summer, and I have the photos to prove it!

So my next few posts will include the summer in review. If I get a little blue I may need to remind myself of the many things we were able to do together over this short summer! I’ll have to focus on our good times while I wait for Christmas vacation.

Classroom Ready!
Classroom Ready!

Yep! Summer went too quickly!

Holy Batman! Visiting the Batmobiles and it didn’t cost a thing!

Don’t you just love it when you stumble upon something fun and entertaining you weren’t looking for in the first place? And isn’t it even better if it doesn’t cost one cent!  That’s what we found last month when we read a little notice in the Los Angeles Times about a FREE exhibit at L.A. Live’s Event Deck to celebrate the Blu-Ray release of The Dark Knight Rises.

Once again, we were curious, so off we went, and we were not disappointed! The exhibit included costumes and props from films in the Dark Knight Trilogy as well as all seven Batmobiles, including the one from the Adam West television series.

For anyone interested, the dresses worn by Maggie Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway are incredibly tiny. I just thought you might like to know that. And the Batman costumes are incredibly detailed , suggesting a very imposing figure.

The exhibit was certainly mood-inducing with low, dramatic lighting and the emotionally power-packed movie soundtrack pumping throughout the exhibit with a reverberating intensity.

The vehicles were beautiful, and certainly not just props. These were THE Batmobiles!

I need to repeat this–it was a first-class exhibit and it was open and free to the public. It makes me wonder what else is out there to enjoy and we just don’t pay attention!

Perhaps this will encourage you take a look through the local newspaper this weekend and see what you find in your own city..there are usually so many interesting events, exhibits and offerings to choose from, and all the better when you find something that doesn’t impose an entrance fee.

If you’re flexible, there’s always something interesting.

We’re ready for our weekend exhale and of course we have another field trip planned. I’ll tell you about that next week, but now it’s your turn to plan your own adventure!  Enjoy your weekend, and I hope you’ll share your plans with me, too! I enjoy vicarious adventures when I’m resting in between my own!