The Rose Garden at Exposition Park–a good place to de-stressify!

It’s definitely time for me to move forward from my outrageous week. That’s what I’m calling it. Thanks so much for excellent comments and interaction with me while I ranted a bit. I don’t often share my frustrations and anger too openly–at least not in print! But now we’re moving into the weekend and I’m ready for a giant exhale.

I did several things this week to “de-stressify.”  Maybe today I’ll just share about one of them.

We spent some time at Exposition Park. In another century this was 160-acres of privately owned racetrack and fairgrounds but in 1889 the State of California and the County and City of Los Angeles jointly purchased the park. By 1909 the Beaux-Arts site plan was in place. It is a beautiful center of the city, with museums, old and new, and wonderfully beautiful grounds.

The centerpiece of Exposition Park is the Rose Garden. The sunken grounds bloom with over 200 varieties of roses. Even in late November the roses are still lovely.

Some of the rose canes are enormous. And many of the roses towered above my head. They are beautiful!

The garden is located adjacent the University of Southern California, the Natural History Museum and the California Science Center. Fortunately the Rose Garden is on the National Register of Historic Places. There have been times when it was threatened!

In 1986 there were plans to replace the garden with an underground parking garage! Imagine! There had been an earlier proposal to turn it into a practice field for the Los Angeles Raiders. Thank goodness for garden-loving activists! Heavy public pressure reversed those plans, and now the garden is open to the public 365 days of the year.

This weekend I’m going to extend my exhale with some time at the ocean. Even though we’re having a little rain, and you know it NEVER rains in Southern California–or that’s what the song says–nothing can spoil time on the coast.

Have a wonderful weekend. December tends to be a busy month…let’s front load the rest and relaxation. Here’s a little bonus to get us started.

I took these photos today…in the rain. These Ginkgo trees were close to my home and when I rounded the corner and saw the gorgeous color I stopped to take a few shots. Who says we don’t have fall color? Proof!

Have a wonderful weekend.