Dogs of Los Angeles–only in L.A.?

You’ll have to tell me.

Is taking your pooch shopping and to restaurants common where you live?

I was totally distracted from my own meal watching this gentleman play and caress his little dog right at the table. It is a cute dog, but at a public dining table?

This dog was outdoors, but in a crowded mall setting. Can you see the large bone he was carrying? Sorry the photos aren’t better or more direct. I’m a very uncomfortable undercover photographer.

In my favorite bookstore…

In a mall department store…

Grabbing a cup of coffee. Sure, why not?


I caught the initial escape, but this little ball of white fur made his way around our dinner table at an upscale hotel before a server did ask that the pup be put back in the purse. There’s a sentence you don’t say every day.

At the Broad Museum of Contemporary Art…apparently not an art lover?

Now here’s a compromise! Bring your dog and let him stay outside your dining window!

And my favorite…

Only in Los Angeles? Well, technically this big beauty was on a walk in Huntington Beach, but the broader Southern California area breeds originality.

Of course, this is my favorite Los Angeles dog. I hope Zena doesn’t feel disappointed we don’t take her shopping with us!


She’d love the lights!