Our four legged grandson comes for a Father’s Day visit…hide the other pets!

Our son, Jonathan, came by to spend some time with his dad today, but he didn’t come alone. He brought Obi. Now Obi has been to our home before, but every time he comes we find there’s a little extra excitement.  Jonathan did ask first if we were up to the added measure!  Technically speaking, this four-legged friend  first belongs to Jonathan’s girlfriend, but she is out-of-town on a work assignment and he is functioning as a step-in parent. He felt responsible to provide weekend attention and companionship so didn’t want to leave  Obi home alone all day. Did I mention? He’s a lively and curious dog!

Obi is a four-year-old Vizsla. A Viszla is the smallest of the all-round pointer-retriever breeds and this lively companion dog is also a natural hunter with an excellent nose! I learned today that the Vizsla is also particularly known as a bird hunter. I learned this fact as Obi jumped and barked to the point of frothing at the mouth, sensing that Kramer was in the kitchen window. We relocated Kramer the cockatiel to the laundry room safely in the back of the house.

Do you remember Pinky’s condo safe house? We specifically chose this model because it has a bunny panic room. If Pinky senses danger she can scamper up to the top floor and bolt through an opening into a completely private hiding space.

We thought perhaps Obi would be fooled and Pinky would be left alone. But OH NO!

This picture was taken while Jay ran to another part of the yard to retrieve the portable rabbit cage. Pinky was hopping inside her safe house but we could hear her little head hitting the top of the wood roof, obviously very distressed. I was afraid she would have a heart attack. I wasn’t too happy either!

Stealth maneuvering created enough distraction to move Pinky indoors, too. No need for Kramer to be alone. Obi continued to check out the condo. His nose told him that Pinky might still be in the safe house. Several minutes of heavy-duty investigation gave us a brief respite in which to eat lunch. Did I mention that Obi is lively?

Perhaps Obi felt badly for his previous behaviors and wanted to help out. He found some potted plants with a few grassy weeds. But apparently eating out of the potted plants wasn’t enough. He found a decorative bowl with seashells and helped himself to a starfish. The crunching was a little disturbing even if it was only decorative.

Here comes trouble! Darwin rounded the corner to find his mid-afternoon snack had been tossed carelessly about! He was having none of this nonsense. I am not sure who needed rescuing first, Darwin or Obi! Obi was very eager to make acquaintance with Darwin, but Darwin has powerful jaws and we weren’t planning to find out how the match would be settled. So Darwin was carried back to his house, too.

Mellowed Out!

Obi was now worn out, but doesn’t he look just a little forlorn? He just wanted to play and we took away all his playmates.

Wikipedia tells me that Vizslas thrive on attention, exercise, and interaction.

After today, I can attest to the veracity of this fact!

Did I mention that he’s a lively dog?

Here comes Monday! Hope you have a great week. Obi plans to have a good one, too!