An Artful New Year

We are getting along quite nicely over here. Jay is in good health following his bout with pneumonia, the hiccups haven’t returned, and we are focused on preparing for an end-of-January special occasion requiring travel.  I’ll happily share all about that later.

My to-do list feels long, but I’ve noticed the December adrenaline spike drained my battery a bit. I could plug back into high-gear if I wanted to, but I don’t think I will. Not yet anyway.

There’s no need to push, but I have many interests and some new family requests I’ll attend to–just slowly.

Sophia would like me to teach her to knit. My grandmother taught me, and at one time knitting was a creative expression I really enjoyed. I’ve been pulling out all my needles and bits of yarn and patterns and even some of the notes left behind by my grandmother. I’ve read them over and over with her handwriting bringing back warm memories. Teaching Sophia feels important to me.

And Karina has been asking me to teach her to play the piano. I taught piano and worked with children’s music for years. I play well–or I did at one time. I don’t practice any more. Why? There’s a discipline to it, I suppose. It takes time and I’ve moved away from this being a priority. I think this is the year to reinvest in my personal practice, but I’m probably mostly motivated to teach a five-year old who loves music like I do.

I can’t do it all,whatever “it” happens to be, but these are some slow-me-down interests that have reawakened.

I think if we pay attention we recognize an artistic spark that we either encourage or extinguish. I was thinking about that while at the Natural History Museum last week. I slowly ambled through a special exhibit of Iberoamerican Folk Art, enthralled with  the beautiful colors, patterns and features in over 800 works by artists from 22 Latin American countries.

It was an exhilarating experience. I enjoyed studying the extraordinarily detailed pieces of clay, wood, silver, natural fibers and textiles. Some were quite simple and reminded me of the art projects I introduced to my preschoolers. Most, however, were intricate and complex. Each represented creative expression.

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I’m not capable of anything too exciting in papier-mâché , straw weaving, woodworking or clay, but I don’t waste any time envying others’ talents. I just want to get my own fingers busy.

How about you? Do you think you’ll be making some time to let your creativity out to play a little more often in 2015? What would you like to do to get your fingers busy?


“Creativity is contagious, pass it on” – Albert Einstein