Easing into the rest of the week with a few of my favorite things

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Not  very original, but true. Considering that three days ago there were yet no cookies nor candy, no Christmas tree, and very little direction or plan to get me to the finish line, I’ve not only made progress, I’m beginning to feel the enthusiasm of the season.

I’ve been energized. As proof, there are more where these came from!

Cookie Platter

Maybe the colder than usual weather has contributed to a little of the holiday spirit.

I’ve never experienced a White Christmas. But this year I can at least imagine Jack Frost nipping at my nose.

When I hopped into my car for work this morning it was 36 degrees F (2.2 C) offering a rare glimpse of frosted window panes.

Frosted Window Panes

When I was teaching I wondered what the children envisioned while we sang Frosty the Snowman or working with paper and scissors creating snowflakes to decorate the classroom. It was often 80 degrees outdoors in December and the children were dressed in shorts and sandals.

Not this year.

And I’m happy to report I’ve been enjoying the spirit of Christmas with just the right holiday tempo–smooth and easy–at least so far.

I’m slowly making progress on the tree. It takes me a while to decorate. I have at least one hundred older ornaments collected over forty years. Some are much older than that, having once belonged to Jay’s mother.

The tree is a Nordmann Fir with short, dark green needles and a waxy cuticle that helps prevent against drying–after all, this cold spell may not last! This particular tree holds up well, too, with the weight and heat of old-style bubble lights. I just had to have them with a nod to my childhood memories.

Did you notice Darwin has his own ornament? I hope Zena doesn’t feel left out. Maybe I’ll find one that has her personality.

To ease us into the rest of the week let’s share a little music.

Several years ago I purchased Andrea Bocelli’s Christmas CD, and every time I hear Welsh lyric mezzo-soprano Katherine Jenkins and Italian tenor Bocelli I slow down and really listen.  This isn’t a traditional holiday song, but it’s beautiful.

Keep breathing lighter and enjoying the sights, sounds and tastes of the season.

And remember one very important thing. Calories don’t count in December.

Now sit back and enjoy!