Ho! Ho! Ho!

I think I’ve had a smile on my face most of today.

The day started with my favorite morning radio station taking phone calls as people called in for the “airing of grievances” in celebration of Festivus. Frankly, I think it’s a good tradition. Time could be set aside once a year for just as much griping and complaining as we have energy, then go into the new year refreshed and ready to be thankful, hopeful and not carrying any old baggage.

My son and daughter-in-law came for dinner. I haven’t seen them since early November, so this was a treat as well. Another reason to smile.

Then tonight, December 23rd,  another annual tradition that brings out the kid in each of us was a cause for celebration of another kind.

We waited for Santa. And he didn’t disappoint!




The humorous part of the evening involves the many times we run outdoors thinking “He’s here! He’s here!” only to discover he’s nearby, but not on our street. Sound travels on a cold, clear night.  A couple of years ago when the little girls were babies, Aimee and I came close to frightening them with our exuberance. If you want to read about the “bath tub incident” you can read about it HERE.

It’s fun to be outdoors with the neighbors waving and calling “Merry Christmas” as the line of emergency vehicles passes by and we tap into our inner child.  Karina, however, wasn’t too impressed. She’s been leaving long, very personal notes to Santa for several days now. My favorite included her wishes that she might see him in person someday, “not on my computer,” and so, as she reminded me, tonight’s Santa is NOT the REAL santa.

I still believe. And I also believe that somehow little elves may come in tonight and finish up all my gift wrapping while also somehow managing to package up all the baking I plan to deliver tomorrow.

I hope you’re enjoying this very special season with the traditions that mean the most to you. I know the holidays are very hard for some people, but maybe the focus will be on how close we are to a new year, and we’ll all charge ahead into that together.

Peace to each of you,

Your friend, Debra