Saturday Paws: Halloween boosts the already strong pet industry! What costume will your pet be wearing?

Have you been thinking of a small business to get into? Or maybe wondering what might be a surefire stock to invest in? Several articles in different magazines, newspapers and radio news blasts have caught my attention. During these rough economic times there is one sector that has risen pretty consistently–and not an area I would have bet on. Yup, the pet industry! Pet Services Industry | Recession-Proof Pet Spending.

Budgets seem to expand for gourmet and specialty foods, treats, snacks, beds, water and food dishware, blankets, bath products, toothpaste–and oh my yes–toys! Then there are the collars, leashes and grooming options. Don’t forget the wide assortment of litter and pooper-scoopers! Books, tapes, CDs/DVDs (for the stay-at-home pets) and clothing galore! For warmth, as well as fashion–coats, boots, and now for Halloween—you guessed it! Costumes!

Ruffles as a fairie
Ruffles tries on fairy wings!

Perhaps you picture costuming a cute little Pug or tabby cat, but think bigger! There are costumes for every size and kind of pet! Truly!

Mae-be--not so sure about these wings!

I’ve read in both the NY Times and St. Louis Today that no matter what a person may cut back on for themselves, pet owners are always eager to try out one new item–a treat, bed, harness or even organic food and bottled water for their favored pet. Pet Industry Booming, With Sales of Gourmet Treats –  There is always room in the budget for the pets’ comfort, fun, or hygiene!  People who won’t opt in for their own teeth cleaning will make sure their dogs receive regular dental care! And often pet medical or dental costs are quite high!

Kitty hotels, doggy day-care and home pet sitting (in-home or the sitters) opens new employment and career possibilities. Many conscientious pet owners prefer a trustworthy sitter come to the home to care for Smokey or Tiger, Bailey or Rex! Sometimes it’s less expensive than outside boarding, and most people report it to be less stressful for the pets to remain in their own home rather than carted off to even the best of places.

I like to pamper my own dear animals with play items, comfy sleeping and resting areas and quality care, too, of course! I don’t think I go too far out and I do look for sales, coupons, and discounted or clearance items (if the dates are still good!).

One thing I don’t invest in very often is clothing for my pets! For one thing, the cat gets out of his collars before I can say “Boo!” And a Boxer will accept almost any bandana or cute collar, but just don’t try too many funny costumes. I previously had a Boxer that hated the baseball outfit I tried on her one Halloween. Her look was murderous–I should have had the camera out for that one!

I like MY wings!

So this year I am trying a simpler garb—just a pair of wings for each dog—imagine butterfly or a woodsy faerie creature. Ruffles was at first confused when she couldn’t get into the dog house or under the bench!! But finally she gave me a big smile! Now Mae-be looked away. And it wasn’t until I removed the wings that she decided to make eye contact! Note to self – get Mae-be a bandana!

OK! If I must!

Spooky Wishes for a safe and sane Halloween! Beth and the Girls