An embarrassment of riches…including kohlrabi in the produce box

When Friday rolls around I’m ready to tie up dozens of loose ends. Typically I have places to go and appointments to keep. But not today! I have the entire day to dig in at home — freedom.

Breathing lighter is the only order of the day.

I have had an awareness in my mind for many weeks. Abundance! I’m keenly aware we have more than we need, more than we can use, more than many, if not most,  and certainly more than enough.

Moving into the new year I’ll have more to share on this realization as it is definitely affecting how I feel about future decision-making, but today, it involves food!

Sometimes I’m almost smothered by an embarrassment of riches.

To illustrate that thought I refer to last Saturday.

While up to my neck in baking, the kitchen a glorious mess of chocolate, powdered sugar, and assorted nuts and candies, Jay returned home with our weekly produce box.


I routinely take a photo of the fruit and veggies we’re provided each week through aptly named Abundant Harvest.  I love revealing the treasure of seasonal colors and discovering what’s been included, often finding a vegetable or two I’ve not previously prepared.


While the kitchen was a baking mess I was also trying to cram the contents into my average-sized–and FULL–refrigerator, thoroughly confirming–we have so MUCH.


So while focusing on abundance, it was also a good week to enjoy the successes from a local radio-thon supporting one of my favorite charities.

It’s the back story of Caterina’s Club I so enjoy!

Chef Bruno Serato, owner of the historic, award-winning Anaheim White House Restaurant, has always had a strong philanthropic direction, but in 2005 he took his mother, Caterina, to visit the Boys and Girls Clubs of Anaheim. She noticed a child eating a bag of chips for his dinner, and asked her son to prepare a pasta meal for the child.

They ended up feeding 75 hungry children that night, and that one act sparked a huge endeavor that continues to grow. More than 500,000 meals have been served to date, and each year the operation expands to provide for even more.

My favorite talk radio station, raised $151,119 and 21,375 pounds of pasta/sauce–so far this week.

All of this warm pasta goodness is the result of one woman’s insistence that her son go back into the kitchen and share what they had available! How great is that?

I love this story because it emphasizes the way ordinary individuals can be used for good simply by generously sharing their personal abundance.

So how do I conclude this story? I can’t come up with a smooth transition to an ending, so let’s go back to my abundant box of fruit and vegetables.

I have enjoyed my first tastes of kohlrabi! It is also called a German turnip and I assumed it would be similar in taste to other root vegetables.


But after reading that it could be enjoyed raw, I was really intrigued. I sliced it very thin with some added raw red onion, added a little high quality olive oil and sea salt and it was wonderful!

How have I gone my whole life and never enjoyed this alien-looking treat!

And headed into some more weekend baking, although as I told you in my last post, calories don’t count this time of year, I do need to continue to eat well and balanced. I really do feel better when I eat kohlrabi and its friends in abundance, minimizing the treats.

But you do what makes you happiest this time of year! Tis the season to indulge a little, I think. I promise I’m not watching!

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends.

And whatever you’re doing, do breathe lighter.