Views of Spectacular Yosemite Falls–before and after

I’m never short on wordy description, but I think I’ll let my photos tell the story of our “before and after” visits to Yosemite National Park.

September, 2016

Last September we entered the National Park by way of Tunnel View.  Bridalveil Fall, the 620 foot plunge that captivates visitors when the sun hits the spray creating a lovely rainbow prism, was visible, but not abundant.

We were lured to a return trip upon hearing how full Yosemite creeks, rivers and waterfalls are this spring and I wanted to see for myself.

June 1, 2017

A very short hike and we were rewarded.

The fullness of Bridalveil Fall surely meant we would find Yosemite Falls in full splendor!

September 2016

Don’t see any water? We didn’t either.

In September, we found the results of a five-year drought and long, hot summer–not one drop of water!

But after five months of above average rain and record snowfall…


Up close?

I wrapped my Nikon in my shirt to protect it from taking a bath, and all I could do was aim my iPhone and hope for the best. The spray was so heavy I couldn’t see a thing.

We were delightfully drenched!

This was a quick trip with only one day in the Park. We really did go just to see the Falls.

We had plans to make our way to Tuolumne Meadows, but late May snow resulted in closure of the Tioga Pass. This really is a record year!

No problem. We’ll gladly make a return trip!