Saturday Paws–When is a Walk more than a Walk?

Rescue Dogs can’t always tell us how they feel about leashes and walks. Maybe they have previously been tied down or chained in a small area—we don’t know the associations they make and whether or not they have been easily ‘leashed’ dogs.

A couple of years ago I came out of our local Target and found a fairly large Bulldog in the parking lot. This noble and loving dog looked like it had been hit by a vehicle– his hide was matted with blood, and as the dog accepted water and kind words from me I could see ‘parts’ of a choke collar around his neck. With closer inspection I could see that the collar was actually still intact– but the chain had become embedded in his neck folds and skin had grown over in areas.

As I waited for the Rescue van to come for this loving dog I really wondered how he could be so sweet to a complete stranger when obviously he had known such torture! It was clear he had been chained for a very long time, so much so that when the rescue staff examined him they corrected my assumption that a car had hit the dog. This poor Boxer, more than likely with years of being tied outdoors in the dirt and with no care, had the most advanced and serious case of Mange! Believe me! After I said good-bye to this brave creature I returned home to cuddle my dogs more than ever!

This is just one of the more memorable situations that has shaped my interest in rescue dogs and in supporting Humane Societies and Pet Rescues! So let me direct you today to a great event that you might like to support!  Check out and you will find one of the funniest public walks around town! The day starts off with a 1K or 3K walk, with or without your pets, and booths, pet information, and special activities are available throughout the day. One of my favorites is the Agility Demo–those dogs are amazing!

Oh goody! Walk time!

I hope you’ll check it out! You may be wondering if Mae-be and Ruffles will be attending?  Me, too! I’ll have to see how Mae-be feels about it. I have taken Mae-be to Doggy Parks to evaluate her social comforts with other dogs and she stays right next to me. I do keep her leash on after she shied away from other approaching dogs– some say the leash helps a dog to feel the bond with its human.

No, I WANT to wear the pink collar!

Now Ruffles would love to go! She’s naturally more social, having spent the first four months of her life with other pet shop puppies. Then before I received her she lived in a foster home with a number of animals. She was on her way to the Wheaten Terrier Rescue, but then my wise friend convinced me that she could indeed hold her own with a good-sized Boxer!

So supporting the local Rescue and Humane Societies is near and dear to my heart, and it would be just great to see YOU at the Wiggle Waggle!

And to answer the question, When is a Walk more than a Walk? Well, when the walk is a bonding experience between you and your dog, OR when it helps support pet rescue!

Blessings, Beth & the girls