Making memories with author Andra Watkins–one very FULL week!

Andra was one of the very first blogging “personalities” I followed when I began to publish on WordPress. I use the word “personality” with intention. She has a big one.

The creativity that first attracted me to her blog has continued to impress me as I’ve watched her crisscross the country successfully teaching, encouraging and challenging her audiences to embrace adventure and using her experiences, consider the importance of making memories.

I’ve watched individuals approach Andra after a talk and express interest in her books “Hard to Die” and “To Live Forever: An Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis,” two of her novels in the popular “Nowhere Series,” then confessing they aren’t reading as much as they once did. Andra gently guides them to consider stepping away from the electronics once in a while for the pleasure of getting lost in quality fiction and they walk away carrying her books, eager to read.

Last week when Andra shared from her New York Times bestselling memoir, “Not Without My Father,” a group of early morning Rotarians were intrigued and inspired after hearing tales of her thirty-four day walk of the historic 444-mile Natchez Trace–yes, all of it. Andra uses humor to describe the physical hardship of the walk and the complex and somewhat dysfunctional relationship with her father, Roy, who at 80 years old reluctantly accompanied her on this audacious adventure supporting as her wingman.

Dad and daughter share an uneasy relationship, but the lessons learned through the unique experience of the Trace walk provide a meaningful encouragement to everyone, with the hope that anyone may learn from Andra’s experience and say “yes” to a special memory-making opportunity.

I would encourage you to get to know Andra better by listening to her Rotary Club talk from last week. You can access it on the Rotary page HERE, and I hope you’ll stay with it to the end where there just might be something you’re waiting to hear!

Andra visited the southland for a full week, and speaking of full…I lived my “tour guide” dream potential! I frequently write about the many spots I find interesting, but this past week I had an enthusiastic side-kick and we bounced” all over the place!” We crisscrossed more ground than I typically explore in a month and we had fun!

In the next few posts I will be sharing more specifically about our adventure in memory-making, and I hope you’ll enjoy as I re-live a very special week.

And I’d encourage you to learn more about Andra and perhaps she will be appearing at a speaking engagement near you. Or maybe you have a book club, library group or service organization that would enjoy a personable and inspiring speaker?  You won’t be disappointed!