The Writer’s Desk–A Challenge

I wasn’t going to play along. I like the idea of contests and challenges and the blogging camaraderie they create, but I already struggle with the issue of time to keep current with blogging maintenance. But from the moment I read Nancy’s Challenge  on her blog,  Spirit Lights the Way , encouraged to write a brief description of my writing process, I haven’t stopped thinking about the contest. It’s a nice idea. Why don’t you consider playing along?

I don’t primarily think of myself as a writer. I am more at home as a researcher. I am interested in so many different intersecting topics, reading dozens of books at one time and never without an interest in a thought-journey requiring further investigation. Blogging has given me a way to keep my ideas and fascinations in order. The idea that anyone else might share one of my interests, is just joy!

Writing Desk

Here’s my writing desk. Fancy, isn’t it?

These are just a few of my necessary piles materials.

Thank you, Nancy, for the idea worth exploring. Yes, I’m a researcher who is fortunate enough to have a small audience, which eventually encourages me to put down the books and just write.