Someone very special turns 5. Wait until you see what she got for her birthday!

October seems to be our birthday month, with three out of four  weekend family gatherings. Sunday we did double duty.  Sophia came close to being born on her daddy’s birthday. Anthony’s birthday was on Sunday, and Sophia turns five on Tuesday, the 23rd!

We all asked Sophia what she wanted for her birthday. She was very non-committal. If pressed to give a response, she usually said, “Surprise me.”

She was ready for a big girl bike without training wheels. She wanted her own jewelry box. She asked for nightgowns, “Because I get hot.”  She loves books.

But she gave us the biggest surprise of all!

Yep!  That’s a pretty pink cast, though, isn’t it?

I wasn’t completely in favor of her starting school, you know. And I’m now convinced that running on a playground is hazardous.

It’s a good thing for Sophia that her mommy and daddy are in charge.

But for now, NO soccer, Tae-Kwon-Do–recess–bike riding…

An active five-year old will be sitting things out for a few weeks.

Maybe I’ll be able to have a few more overnights while her busy date book has some openings?

Happy Birthday to my favorite 5-year old!

You are loved!

First Day of Spring–and Guess What Else?

I’m celebrating two things today. I’m so glad it is the first day of spring, and–Ta-Da! Today is FINALLY my actual birthday!  After   twenty days of transitioning into a whole new decade,  I think I’m finally ready just to move on. I’ve come to a grand conclusion–all this celebrating and focusing on ME has been exhausting! So today I’m enjoying a slow-paced day with my granddaughters and expecting a few other family members to pop on over as well.  I’m very pleased and completely satisfied that I have had a great deal of birthday fuss and attention–even if I did make it impossible for anyone to ignore me!

I am also a little extra tired today because of a very full weekend. My daughter and her husband, as well as my son with his girlfriend teamed up and we took my party on the road! The six of us spent the weekend in Las Vegas, satisfying my one birthday wish for us all to share the Beatles. I have wanted to experience the theatrical interpretation of Beatles music at Cirque du Soleil’s LOVE since it opened at the Mirage Hotel and Casino five years ago. My patience was rewarded! It was indeed a special weekend for me to be with my husband and children, and since they love Beatles music, too, we all had a wonderful time.

I will be sharing more about our weekend with the full Beatles experience later this week–after I’ve rested just a bit.

But while you wait for more details, please enjoy what I’ve chosen as my song for the day! I guess it is still just a little bit about ME!

I hope you’ll join me in listening to some Beatles music today…I think you’ll feel a little younger!


Debra one-year

I am more stable than I am interesting…but I’ll share with you anyway!

I must admit that I may have set myself up for a larger task than I anticipated when I promised to make the month of March “all about me.” I really don’t know what in the world I was thinking in saying I’d share about my life. I’m pretty simple! I thought it might make sense to start with the basics, however, which includes the fact that my childhood was quite traditional and very stable. Good for me, but not exactly riveting story material!

Stability is a great gift to a child. For the first several years of my life we lived next door to my maternal grandmother, with aunt, uncle and cousins living on the same property. We frequently had Sunday after-church dinner with my other grandparents who also lived nearby. The closeness of so much loving family undoubtedly left a very strong positive imprint. Anyone who knows me observes how a great deal of my life is clearly embedded in my family today.

It might surprise you to know that we have lived across the street from my parents for thirty-eight years. I’ve weathered years and years of raised eyebrows, questions and comments from friends who clearly think this is a bit strange. Maybe it is unusual, but the benefits have been enormous, and I think it was a generous gift to my children who experienced the same kind of closeness to their grandparents that I enjoyed as a child.

And now we have the delight of watching our two darling granddaughters come to our house and move back and forth to their great-grandparents’ home. I treasure this. It’s quite basic–I value relationship more than independence.

A friend gave me a fun book written by Wendy Reid Crisp, “When I Grow Up I Want to Be 60.” The book is full of quotes; many humorous and some quite thoughtful. One quote was particularly meaningful to me. Submitted by a woman named Suzannah, I think her words mirror my thoughts about what I choose to think about at this birthday juncture:

“Sharing is what I select. Sharing is what keeps me looking forward to sixty-five, seventy, eighty, ninety. I want to share laughter, hugs (especially from grandchildren), chocolate cake, good books, funny e-mails; I want to share my days with friends and with my husband, the love of my life. I want to share adventures, great wines, and singing.”

So that is about all I have to say to simply start my birthday sharing!

You might notice a new look to our blog. Well, it was unintentional, but “playing around” tonight I don’t know what I did but I lost our original theme. I started my morning very early, getting on the road long before sunrise to be with my granddaughters for my weekly babysitting…so obviously I shouldn’t be near technology when I’m tired.  I’m not sure I like this one all that much, so perhaps we’ll have a go at a few more themes.

Let me tease you with my next topic, though. See the picture below? That’s me at around one year old. About seventeen years later my picture was in Life Magazine. Are you just a little curious? Stay tuned!