How did you celebrate Back to the Future Day?


Did you know it was “Back to the Future Day?”

I may have missed it entirely, but husband Jay was determined we’d celebrate the day Marty McFly travels from his present-day 1985 to 30 years in the future–October 21,2015.

In Back to the Future Part II, Marty and Doc travel to 2015 to right the wrongs made by Marty’s future children, complete with flying cars, self-tying Nikes, and hoverboards.

Had I been willing to spend more than $800 I could have commemorated the day with special activities at Universal Studios Hollywood, a Hoverboarding Day later this week, an Enchantment Under the Sea Dance, and a location tour, including Keynotes Day, which I would hope for that amount of money might include a private party with cast members Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson.

We were a bit more conservative.

We bought a cake.


Jay was determined to provide a cake for our son-in-law’s birthday. Sophia’s 8th birthday is this Friday, so Anthony’s day can be a little overlooked. There wasn’t time for more elaborate artwork, but our local Ralph’s grocery/baking team thought it was a fun idea and provided the necessary slogan.

There’s been a lot of talk today about how 2015 was imagined thirty years ago. I have a hard time remembering what I imagined for myself thirty years in the future, but I know how quickly those thirty years passed.

I am sure that for most of us when we think about technology and the past thirty years we are at least curious about what thirty more will inspire. I don’t often care to pass along corporate advertising, but I’m making an exception. Green technology interests me.

“Marty” and “Doc” reunite in a full Toyota advertisement, released today, revealing the car company’s hydrogen fuel cell technology, turning trash into fuel, like the Mr. Fusion did in the movies. From trash to fuel? I like that!

Be sure to listen for Christopher Lloyd’s “Great Scott,” near the end!

It’s fun to talk about movies and memories associated with those movies when there are multiple generations in the conversation. Aimee and Anthony were just kids when “Back to the Future” came out.

Another cross-generational movie favorite is sparking so much interest that on-line advance ticket sales crashed popular ticket site, Fandango. Anthony took the challenge, however, and bought his own birthday gift, securing coveted tickets to the December release of the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. 

I may need to see Star Wars again before I see the new one. After all, that was how many years ago? Thirty-eight? I wouldn’t mind a little time travel and maybe visit 38 years ago for a day or two. Wouldn’t it be interesting to go back and do some things differently?

For the most part, “now” is just fine–celebrating birthday number eight with a special granddaughter fills me up!

But if you could go back or into the future, where would you go?

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…”