Where do you go to soak in some positive vibes?

I’m not getting in quite as many walks as I typically prioritize. I’m a weather wimp!

However, between storms I did walk to the library the other day, and when I saw this on a local school’s marquee I reflected on the tone for the remainder of my walk.

“Listen First and Then Talk”

I couldn’t help but wonder if this message was primarily intended for the children or the parents. I was just walking by and it grabbed me, so good messaging!

There’s a lot of anger and frustration building up in people, and although I understand and even commiserate on some level, I don’t want it to affect my overall well-being, and I am very deliberate in what I choose to do or not do, listen to or not, in order to remain peaceful

My animals often provide strong visual metaphors.

The cold and rain is sticking around much longer than Darwin’s typical “long winter’s nap.” The other day we had a few hours of sun and he ¬†ambled out of his dugout and pulled himself up onto some landscaping blocks that were radiating some added warmth.

Sunbathing didn’t last long and he didn’t eat a thing, but he enjoyed what he could before putting himself back to bed. Like I said, he’s a good example!

The other day I had a lovely visit with a blogging friend who functioned for me like the comfort of a “hot rock.”

Ann Koplow, a blogger I’ve enjoyed for a long time now, was in town for the American Group Psychotherapy Association conference held in the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles.

I knew that Ann would be in town, but I was reluctant to suggest we meet, knowing that her conference schedule was significant and perhaps this wasn’t a time to coordinate. But fortunately, Ann was more open than I, and made the initial contact. Click Here to read Ann’s thoughts on being open and our meeting from her perspective.

The day we met she’d attended one workshop entitled, “Being a Group Therapist in Times of Political and Social Upheaval. This is Difficult.”

I think the title of the workshop clearly indicates where many of us find ourselves stretched–avoiding being a proverbial ostrich, but not taking in the vitriol and divisiveness. So we talked about that a bit, and then went on to discuss the areas of our lives that contribute to our overall well-being.

Ann has known some major health crises and I think I may have first been introduced to her blog, “The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally” when she was approaching major heart surgery. What made me stay and choose Ann as a friend, however, is her attitude and how she reflects resilience.

My time with Ann was an endorphin-boost!

And then to home I came, with more rain, and my lovely stack of books.

I’ll leave you with a tease for next post. In this season of cold and wet we have taken a feral cat into our always growing home animal rescue.

We’re calling the little thing “Shadow” and I’ll share more next time.

When I need a quick dose of positivity, I can always rely on the animals. They can be a little demanding, but give them their food and they’re grateful.

I haven’t heard a negative word out of a one of them lately!