A strategy for breathing lighter to send you on to another week

The Rose Garden at Exposition Park–a good place to de-stressify!

It’s rose pruning time in Southern California. Shouldn’t they stop blooming first?

Did someone forget to cater this party?

Preparing for Spring…harmony in the garden with vermiculture! (worm tea anyone?)

If you’re a migrating bird, why not choose Southern California for your winter layover?

Too cold for cacti and tortoises? Let’s roll out the frost cloth!

Stress-busting at the Huntington Botanical Gardens

What do Rachel Carson and Pelicans have in common? She’d be so pleased to tell you!

If you’re going to visit the Sierra Nevada Mountains, be prepared for tranquility!

I need a midweek exhale…How about a Cup of Gold?

Look who I found nosing around…more San Gabriel Mountain

Meandering through the little city of Guadalupe and a better view of the GIANT sand dunes

7 thoughts on “Natural Wonders–good exhales!

    1. I know the Pet Shop Boys, but not this tune! I will check it out. I share music with my daughter, and she’s also an 80s girl! Thanks for sharing, Andra. I always enjoy your music-related posts! :-)

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