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Neil Diamond, Periscope and Changing the Concert Experience

From the comments I hear from others I’m certainly not the only person ambivalent in my feelings about social media and the advancing charge of technology. I have bought into it with full commitment, yet fairly often look back with a bit of longing for the ‘good old days’ less than a decade ago when I didn’t even have a Facebook account.

I am not as connected as I could be. In most areas I think I’m primarily a dabbler, but more and more I’m realizing that many of the news outlets and local radio personalities I enjoy are teasing and throwing out incentives to connect by apps that seem to be proliferating at a rate that far exceeds my learning curve.

I’ve been thinking more about this since Jay and I enjoyed a May evening with Neil Diamond at the Hollywood Bowl.


I am sorry I didn’t write down the names of these two very enthusiastic fans. This was NOT their first Neil Diamond concert.

At one point Jay did comment, “Where are the young people?” His sincerity in the question did strike me funny, so what did I do? I immediately posted his comment to Facebook, which then started a conversation with friends all over the country. I don’t post that often, but I must admit I enjoy the potential for immediate connection.

As we found our seats and settled in for the evening the large video screens invited the audience to participate in tweeting messages at #tweetcaroline.

Some of the messages were hilarious. “The guy in front of me has a big head,” or “Older crowd tonight. Forever in Mom Jeans, ” and “Wait!…This isn’t the Slayer concert?”

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Then 74 year-old Neil Diamond took control of the stage, and backed by his incredibly strong (they’ve been together a long time) 12-piece band, delivered an almost 2 1/2 hour non-stop, intermission-free show.


The only “senior moment” appeared when Neil stumbled upon announcing the Bowl concert was LIVE on #Periscope, the very new video streaming app purchased by Twitter in March of this year. Even a septuagenarian performer recognizes the value of social media in replenishing an aging fan base.

This aging fan temporarily downloaded Periscope, but I wasn’t sure what to do with it once I had it!

I guess even the telephone was once eyed with suspicion–and now look at us! I’ll keep sharpening my skills and try to keep up!