In the meantime…

When last we met on these pages I was posting from downtown Los Angeles on the second day of jury duty selection. For all of the energy that went into planning for the possibility of a prolonged commitment, as so often occurs, expectations did not match outcome.

I was released.

A few years ago I was seated for a month-long murder trial.  It sounds a little insensitive to the gravity of the charges against the defendant, but I enjoyed myself. I find criminal court proceedings interesting, and because the wheels of justice move slowly, some days very slowly, I took full advantage of my location and explored the city on foot.

This time, however, after two days in the jury box as others were released from service and I remained, I had begun to imagine I had “made the cut.” At the end of day two when the defendant’s attorney thanked me for my service with a polite “don’t call us, we’ll call you–maybe next year,” I think I let out a little gasp of surprise.

I did have mixed feelings, I admit. We had postponed a trip to Oakland to visit our little grandson and now we could take off! That was the best possible outcome. But had I been selected, I was looking forward to another extended period of time just to explore. I do love to meander!

Adjacent the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center the hubbub of city street noise is masked within the peaceful grounds of The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, a notable landmark not without its share of criticism. But the atmosphere is welcoming and very quiet.

The landscape is dotted with statuary with additional artwork adorning memorial walls.  It’s a remarkably appealing location to grab a reasonably priced sandwich, salad or even just a cup of coffee.

But if that’s too remote for an anticipated city experience, the complete opposite in energy can be found at Grand Central Market.

I’m not at all sure what you wouldn’t be able to find here. My mother recently told me that my grandmother frequented Grand Central Market I would suppose in the 1930’s and ’40s.

If you’re early enough in the morning before the crowds arrive, breakfast at Egg Slut  is a treat! As the day unfolds the crowds grow heavier, but it’s still a fun place to explore.

And when you have had enough to eat and still have a little exploration time at your disposal, walk across the street and grab the 117-year-old funicular connecting Hill Street and Grand Avenue on Bunker Hill.

You may recognize Angels Flight Railway from the movie La La Land.

With only two days downtown I had to keep my explorations to a minimum. But there was one more bonus!

Jay has been trying–for YEARS now–to entice me to embrace the convenience of taking the bus downtown. I have wrinkled my nose and said “No, not for me!”


Proving my attitudes can change, I gave it a try and I had to apologize to my husband for my previous intransigence. Parking downtown is expensive and now I can just pick up and go at the drop of a hat–for a cool $1.75. I can’t wait to take the bus to the Grammy Museum, where last time we paid $30.00 in parking. Ouch!

But perhaps I’ll wait just a little while before venturing off.

I think, for right now, the beach is calling.

I think everyone is stressed a bit by current heatwaves–across the United States and abroad! Stay safe, my friends, and do your best to breathe lighter this week.