34 thoughts on “Miss Zena’s summer haircut

  1. How pretty she is! I bet she felt a few years younger after the trim! Our dog has got short hair, but is losing so much of her winter under ‘coat’ at the moment that we are having to comb her every day (and hoover up a lot too!)

    1. Oh the shedding! Yes! I think that is why we just had to get her groomed. Our temperatures are climbing steadily and summer is already threatening. She feels better! Thank you, Cathy.

  2. She’ll definitely breathe much lighter now Debra ~ we’re always amazed at how much smaller our Indie looks after a session at the grooming centre. We have to keep her wrapped up warm, though as she shivers pathetically without her thick winter coat. I just love Zenas magnificent tail ~ it looks so soft and waggy! πŸ˜ƒ

  3. virginiahildreth

    I will not show you the home-hair cut I did on Tippy…. and I will not show Tippy how beautiful ( and relaxed and cool) Zena looks !!

    1. As long as Tippy is cool and comfortable I think a home beauty parlor is a practical solution. Zena would probably enjoy it more if we didn’t send her away for half a day!

  4. Oh, dogs like the way they feel lighter after a haircut but with our past lab-shepherd pound puppy (he lived 16 years!) Toby looked as vulnerable as your Miss Zena. So sweet! Phew! Makes me want to take a nap, too.

  5. Dear Debra, Miss Zena is a dear. One of the cats with whom I first lived–Bartleby by name–managed to scoot outside when I opened the door to check on the Minnesota blizzard. I didn’t notice until later.

    For three days I searched for him. Finally a neighbor found him hunkered down under some shrubs. Nettles snarled his long, champagne-colored fur.. Unable to remove them without causing Bartleby pain, I took him to a vet, whose shared his entire body.

    Bartleby was so embarrassed by the loss of his fur that when we got home, he slunk to the basement and stayed there for several days. He, too, was a dear. Peace.

    1. What a story, Dee. Poor
      Bartleby! He’s lucky to have survived. We have to watch the heat with our animals! I’m glad Zena doesn’t seem self-conscious after her haircuts. In fact, sometimes I think she holds her head a little higher after she’s been to the groomer! πŸ˜€

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