I’m going on a poppy hunt!

When I retired seven months ago I was certain I’d have more time for blogging! I’m not sure if my neglect is due to a weakness with time management or simply that I look at my computer and most days don’t want anything to do with it!

I did NOT see that coming!

I have disconnected from many previously enjoyed social media platforms and although I try to keep up with friends through email–well, that’s one area where the time management question comes into play. Are there any programs that translate thoughts into typed words?

Every day I find at least one moment when I notice something of interest and remark that were I at work I would have missed out. Today I would have missed this busy assemblage.


I stepped out of my morning yoga class and into an active work crew setting the stage for filming the Netflix Original Grace and Franky.  The Mission Playhouse is a frequent film site, but what made this fun to observe was the transformation from Southern California to Taos, New Mexico–or that’s what I’m theorizing.

A woman wearing a Taos Historical Society tee-shirt seemed to be part of the team, grouping brightly colored pottery and large potted succulents and cactus, and although the components are as at home in SoCal as anywhere, the arrangement did take on a New Mexico vibe.

Filming with the cast begins on Wednesday and I would ordinarily be very interested, but that brings me to another retirement bonus.

Midweek road trips!

My cousin and I are hitting the road this week in search of wildflowers. We’ve had rain–lots of it–and reports of wildflowers and poppy fields have spurred us towards adventure.

It’s been a long time since I’ve headed out to parts unknown. We’ll have fun along the way and experience a little spring sunshine.

In our initial planning we may have referenced  Thelma and Louise, but that may be a little too much adventure–and didn’t end well for the girls. Wish us well in our search for flowers, and I will return soon!




27 thoughts on “I’m going on a poppy hunt!

  1. Love this! Debra, you so deserve this little mid-week adventure and some refreshing, spring air! Can you send that glorious spring-ness my way? We just had a little snow this weekend after a tornado blew through earlier in the week. I’m missing that Southern California predictable weather! Soak in that sunshine for me! xoxo

  2. Interesting post, Debra ~ like you I’ve found my interest in blogging and social media has taken a nosedive since I retired. There are so many exciting avenues to explore when you have more free time ~ thank you for sharing some of the things happening around your way! Grace and Franky looks intriguing, I’ll look out for it on Netflix. Drive safely and have poppy~hunting trip! 😊

  3. Interests change. I was an avid blogger for a few years, then I suddenly tired of it and found it oppressive. Now, I am trying to blog once a week, so I have the fun but don’t burn out (telling a joke a day for a 1001 days was probably the toughest slog I’ve ever known, by the end).

    Enjoy the poppies!

  4. Hope you have good luck. I noticed a few yesterday near Filmore along Hey 126, some along I-5 an the Tejon area. I will explore
    The old Hwy 58 from McKittrick over to Santa Margarita. A lesser traveled road is the Bitterwater Rd on Hwy 46 near Chalome. This was a great area 2012-13 if memory serves me ….. Happy hunting!

  5. Same here. I can barely make time for a few minutes with my journal each morning. There are SO many more interesting things to do than blog these days. Enjoy those poppies and please send some sun my way!

  6. Catherine Wade

    Enjoy your trip. So glad you are going mid-week instead of the weekend. Traffic on the I15 was stopped this weekend from all of the people pulling over to the side of the road to take photos of the wildflowers.

  7. Anonymous

    What lovely poppies! I’m so jealous, particularly as I look outside at snow. Enjoy the road trip with your cousin, Debra. Looking forward to your many discoveries!

  8. Enjoy your flower expedition Debra – hope you get lots of wonderful images to share 🙂

    I’ll be joining you soon as a retiree and I’m anticipating the issue of disappearing time when I do!

  9. Grace and Frankie is an interesting show … well, my wife watches it, so I casually watch it while doing something on the laptop. In terms of retirement and time management, you’ll find your time your time niche for blogging, well, once you figure it out. Meanwhile, keep enjoying yourself … and good find with the poppies – something we don’t have – after all, we are going through a cold spell at the moment.

  10. A poppy hunt! I hope it was a fruitful adventure and fun, fun, fun. I do hope you will tell us about the trip – and maybe some photos as well.

    The grandkids (and their parents) were here for a visit, which was delightfully exhausting :). They left and I needed to just get in the car and drive through some nature. It was a balm for my soul.

  11. I wouldn’t worry about the blog life. It’s suppose to be fun, no! Enjoy the rich life you have. 🙂 And not the least going poppy hunting or anything else that pops up in your way. Beautiful pictures of those poppies, Debra.

  12. You’re going to have so much fun. What a great idea for a trip. I’ve been hearing what a spectacular year it will be for wildflowers. What fun to stumble on a production crew. I love the clever transformations. Your photos are stunning.

  13. Yay for girlfriend’s visiting (Andra?!) As well as poppies growing wildly and brightly. I’m sure you will see my trail of comments, from December to Spring. I was sorry I had lost touch but hope to pick up where we left off as true friends do, Debra. hugs xo

    1. I did chuckle when your trail of comments started coming through. Lol! I completely understand and playing catchup was a lovely gesture! We are all trying to keep these special friendships going, and let’s be honest, sometimes it’s a lot of work! ox

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