{a small pat on the back…and then a wee break}

It’s been a week since I went to bed one night just not feeling quite myself and woke the next day to the hardest-hitting virus I’ve ever experienced. Eight days later I’m about 50% back.

I think we’re exposed to these super-strains all the time–personally, I’m considering instituting a  new daily practice of bathing in Purell–but a healthy immune system is designed to provide the resistance we need to stay healthy. However, stress can chip away at optimum immune defense.

Most of the short local jaunts appearing on the pages of this blog stand as evidence that I believe pursuing interests and balancing typical stress with positive endorphin-boosting activity is a must!

But then sometimes we just have a bad day!


As much time as I spend on the freeway I have never had an emergency far from an off-ramp. This time, the tire blew, and there was nothing to do but make my way to the shoulder and try to keep calm.


Not all stretches of freeway have this much shoulder. Although I was hyper-alert, I was able to wait for roadside assistance without feeling too vulnerable. It was still a jolt to the system, though, and the incident serves as a reminder of the stress we can’t always avoid.

That brings be back to today. I just received WordPress “congratulations” on my 5th blogging anniversary. The reminder came as a surprise and I can hardly imagine five years have passed. I’m giving myself a nice “high five,” but also thinking this is a good time for a brief blogging break.

I’m not just a flat tire. I’m the tire that blew, and I think recuperation is going to take its own sweet time. I need to focus on regaining my energy, and you can imagine how many life details have been temporarily ignored. I have plenty of responsibility waiting for me when I’m ready.

Once you start seeing my smiling face appear again you’ll know things are back on track.

I’ll leave you with a little slideshow of photos representing very recent outings I still intend to share with you later. There are clues in the photos. You’ll have to see how many of them identify the field trip destination!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Until I make a robust return, take care of yourselves and know I will miss sharing with you. And my recommendation? Think about my suggestion of bathing in Purell!

Or you could watch your stress levels.


30 thoughts on “{a small pat on the back…and then a wee break}

  1. Beth Gramling

    Amazing!! The ‘bugs’ are stronger !! So glad your system is fighting back!! You must have some strong opinions on a Consumers’ Report Level of what is better if the sanitizers!! Hang tough Debra!

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  2. So … you’ve been in sick bay … no wonder I haven’t seen you around. Cheers to you being on your way back … so keep moving forward. High-five for your 5th anniversary on WP. Well done … and I’m happy we’ve been interacting for most of that time. Love the building after the tour bus!

  3. As you may know, I too took a year away from blogging. It was simply one of those choices we know are timely and needed. Please take good care of yourself, Debra. We will look forward to a rejuvenated you when your return is intended.

  4. So sorry you’ve been so poorly, Debra. A complete break for recuperation sounds perfect., though we will miss you. Congratulations on your fifth blogging anniversary, which comes just a few weeks after mine. 2011 was a vintage year. 🙂

  5. Dear Debra, do take care of yourself and get yourself back to 100 percent soon. Stress can be positive, but it still takes it out of you – I can recommend taking Echinacea daily as an excellent way to get your immune system back on track. All the best, and look forward to having you back blogging soon! xx

  6. Here’s to getting all those tires in life balanced, Debra, and seeing you back hale and hearty (or something like that) when the time is right.
    PS I’ve had that happen on the freeway – no fun but always glad when it ends well.

  7. Five years already?! You deserve a huge “high five!” And yes, also a much needed break. I’m glad the flat tire incident didn’t result in anything beyond the flat tire (although I hate those incidents as much as the next person!). I’ll miss seeing your blog posts pop up on my feed, but I know that you will be doing exactly what you need to be doing – recuperating and regaining your creative juices 🙂 Love you dear friend! xoxo

  8. Enjoy your break. I’ll miss you. But we all need to take a break from time to time. So sorry to hear about the virus and that tyre issue must have been quite frightening xx

  9. Sometimes we just need time to recuperate, don’t we. I am sorry to hear about the virus and the flat tire. I hope you will soon be back to your normal self. Take care. I look forward to seeing you back. By the way, congratulations with the five years. That is quite an achievement.

  10. I’ve just had an unannounced break myself Debra. Well done on controlling things when you had a tyre blowout – glad you’re safe and sound 🙂 Have a restful break Debra. I’ll look forward to your return in the near future 🙂

  11. Oh dear Debra do take care! Wishing you much restoration and looking forward to seeing where you have been. I have been to some intriguing places too I will soon have to share after sifting through the many photos. Happy resting!

  12. Debra, as you can see, I’ve been on a 2-month blogging hiatus because of stressful situations here. Please take care of yourself and come back refreshed – I’ll miss your positive posts, but nothing’s more important than feeling good and being healthy. 🙂

  13. I had one car break down when I was in California. It was awful, really bad. I got it to drive to a parking lot. I didn’t want to pay for the roadside assistance. It was around midnight, and so I just slept in my car, waiting for a nearby auto shop to open the morning. I was on vacation anyways so no rush. Plus, I’m always just cool in these kinds of situations. 😀
    Take your time, Debra. I had quite a number of flat tires during my blogging life. 😀
    Congrats on your blog anniversary. Have fun!
    Do let me know when you posted something about that artsy building with a hole in the middle. 😀

  14. You commented on my blog recently. 🙂 I appreciate the visit but never dreamed the reason I had not seen new posts was you have been “down and out,” Debra! I missed this post about both your “tire popping” and your flu virus. Egads! You are such a positive and free spirited guide for your granddaughters and now you are still improving but laid up, worse for wear. So sorry about this. 😦 I have had my busy time at work start so barely get my own blog comments completely responded to, let alone visiting. . . Best wishes for a complete recovery soon! I am trying to cut back my posts, going along with summer is “Calling me” and “We deserve a break today. . .” Take care, my distant friend. I do care.

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