How did you celebrate Back to the Future Day?


Did you know it was “Back to the Future Day?”

I may have missed it entirely, but husband Jay was determined we’d celebrate the day Marty McFly travels from his present-day 1985 to 30 years in the future–October 21,2015.

In Back to the Future Part II, Marty and Doc travel to 2015 to right the wrongs made by Marty’s future children, complete with flying cars, self-tying Nikes, and hoverboards.

Had I been willing to spend more than $800 I could have commemorated the day with special activities at Universal Studios Hollywood, a Hoverboarding Day later this week, an Enchantment Under the Sea Dance, and a location tour, including Keynotes Day, which I would hope for that amount of money might include a private party with cast members Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson.

We were a bit more conservative.

We bought a cake.


Jay was determined to provide a cake for our son-in-law’s birthday. Sophia’s 8th birthday is this Friday, so Anthony’s day can be a little overlooked. There wasn’t time for more elaborate artwork, but our local Ralph’s grocery/baking team thought it was a fun idea and provided the necessary slogan.

There’s been a lot of talk today about how 2015 was imagined thirty years ago. I have a hard time remembering what I imagined for myself thirty years in the future, but I know how quickly those thirty years passed.

I am sure that for most of us when we think about technology and the past thirty years we are at least curious about what thirty more will inspire. I don’t often care to pass along corporate advertising, but I’m making an exception. Green technology interests me.

“Marty” and “Doc” reunite in a full Toyota advertisement, released today, revealing the car company’s hydrogen fuel cell technology, turning trash into fuel, like the Mr. Fusion did in the movies. From trash to fuel? I like that!

Be sure to listen for Christopher Lloyd’s “Great Scott,” near the end!

It’s fun to talk about movies and memories associated with those movies when there are multiple generations in the conversation. Aimee and Anthony were just kids when “Back to the Future” came out.

Another cross-generational movie favorite is sparking so much interest that on-line advance ticket sales crashed popular ticket site, Fandango. Anthony took the challenge, however, and bought his own birthday gift, securing coveted tickets to the December release of the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. 

I may need to see Star Wars again before I see the new one. After all, that was how many years ago? Thirty-eight? I wouldn’t mind a little time travel and maybe visit 38 years ago for a day or two. Wouldn’t it be interesting to go back and do some things differently?

For the most part, “now” is just fine–celebrating birthday number eight with a special granddaughter fills me up!

But if you could go back or into the future, where would you go?

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…”





32 thoughts on “How did you celebrate Back to the Future Day?

  1. Back to the Future day escaped our radar, except for the passing cyber reference.
    And, gasp, I never saw the movies, except for the passing clip.

    I do think it’s “fun” that the Cubs are battling it out with the Mets and could win the World Series.

    Glad Anthony only had to buy his present . . . and not the cake too!

    1. I guess the Back to the Future references were stronger than I remembered,too, Nancy. Amazon had a big banner with the date and commercials and print ads were referring to it. I saw the movies, maybe not the third, but I sure didn’t remember all the references. I think I will see the new Star Wars movie, though–after all the ticket hype slows down!

      1. Me too! We saw Carrie Fisher at the Sarasota Opera House a while back and she talked about the upcoming film. It IS on our radar. We may wait and watch it at home rather than in the theatre.

    1. I wouldn’t have followed it at all except that my husband read about “Back to the Future Day” in the newspaper. I was quite amused at all the activity, though. I’m pretty sure if Jay hadn’t alerted me, though, I’d have missed the whole thing. No therapy required, Kate. Well…not about this anyway. LOL!

    1. Fabulous, Lisa! What time will you be seeing it? I can’t imagine some of those middle of the night–or is it very early morning shows! 🙂 I love that you were able to get tickets! As much as Star Wars holds memories for some of us who saw it for the first time long, long ago, I think that young people who have grown up with the entire Star Wars mystique are so excited. I hope it lives up to Ryan’s expectations. 🙂 I’m sure it will!

      1. He’s so excited he can barely stand it, Debra. 🙂 Good point about this group of kids that have grown up with the Star Wars universe. For us it was a fun movie trilogy as young adults but we didn’t get that childhood fan-obsession that’s making this launch such a big deal. 🙂 Our tickets are for the civilized time of 1 pm Sunday afternoon… we passed on middle of the night Friday/Saturday showings in order to get seats at the largest IMAX screen in the state. It’s going to be crazy!

  2. I didn’t know there was a ‘Back to the Future’ day… but once you see posts popping up you realise that something’s going on! I hang my head in shame – I had a back to the past evening watching Bullitt! But then, I’m often off to the future and the 34th century in my Cobra 😉

    If I was going into the past – I’d probably want to be driving trains in the 1930’s – the golden age of steam – though I’d probably be just as happy in the early 1960’s with the first generation diesels. As for the future… I’d prefer it to be like Star Trek but with everyone getting along fine together – ie peace with Romulans, Klingons and whoever else is out there 🙂

    1. I didn’t know the significance of 10-21-15 either, Martin, but Jay read something in the paper and recognized that it was Anthony’s birthday. Once I was aware, however, I started watching all the activity and I was just amazed at how many people under thirty years of age had very strong ties to the movie. You really went back in time for Bullitt! I remember the Mustangs and the chase scene–I’m not surprised you enjoy that movie. If you can have a personal fantasy for time travel, I think you should go back to the 30’s and enjoy the golden age of steam, and then travel forward to the 60’s. It’s fun to think about. 🙂

  3. Love this! I was mostly reminded of yesterday because of the tons of posts all over social media in regards to it being “Back to the Future” day. I know I’m totally dating myself here, but I wasn’t even born when that movie was created! The funny thing is, the majority of those posting were people from my generation! It’s fun to see how a movie can really be cross-generational. As for me, I would love to have witnessed some of the great biblical miracles of old – Moses and the burning bush, the parting of the Red Sea, etc. It would be fun to see biblical history come alive!

    1. LOL! You aren’t “dating” yourself, you dated me, though, Stacey! Thirty years ago was a very long time! Ha! I really enjoyed the movie long ago, but I had no idea that the Back to the Future franchise had a huge cult following. You saw some of that on your social media accounts. And the friends in my age group–those of us that were around for the original release of the movie, weren’t particularly aware of the date’s significance. I think I’m “all in” with the Star Wars movie, though. I’ve been surprised how much I am looking forward to it. I like the way you think about going back in time! Moses would be a lot to take in. 🙂

    1. How fun! So she had the same birthday. I wasn’t following that special date at all until my husband read about the significance of the date and made the connection to our son-in-law’s birthday. How fun that you were celebrating, too, Colleen. 🙂 I hope your daughter had a very happy birthday. ox

  4. Great post, Debra. I remember the movie so well. I would love to go to an Enchantment Under the Sea dance. That was a great clip! Lovely to see the two actors again but wouldn’t it be wonderful if travelling into the future 30 years had led to a cure for Parkinson’s Disease! xx

    1. Wow, Charlie. Absolutely! My dad has Parkinson’s, and we as a family spend a lot of time on MJF’s fabulous foundation website. He is an amazing man. I think he’s had quite a bit of fun with the Back to the Future anniversary and all the attention that’s come to it. I actually thought of you yesterday Charlie with the cake! 🙂 My husband took care of the whole thing and it was very last minute, but I couldn’t help but wonder what you would have done with a specialty cake. LOL! I can only imagine. 🙂

  5. What a fun post, Debra.  I had heard smatterings of a ”Back to the Future Day” but this makes it official!  I have experience in the alternative fuel vehicle market… but in the 90’s, not 80’s. :-)  Back then, hydrogen fueled cars were entirely experimental and very expensive.  The overall thought was after an infrastructure of compressed natural gas fueling stations was in place, one would inject steam into the natural gas to release the hydrogen.

    On a trivial note: the car’s name “Mirai”, or 未来 in Japanese, actually means “way into the future”.

    1. I hope your boys enjoyed the video, Linda. I have enjoyed the fact that the BTTF movies have an appeal across several generations. Great reference to Alan Bennett. And I’ll bet you have a very interesting notebook. 🙂

  6. I love looking at movies/novel of the past that predicted the future. To think that when I was a kid I imagined my adulthood would be like George Jetson! For a real glimpse backward and forward, try the wonder and horrors of “Metropolis” and “The Shape of Things to Come,” based on the HG Wells story. Sadly, I think we are more like “1984” and “Brave New World” — and that’s why I find great comfort in my garden and in the people (like you) I meet. For the record, I never saw the “Back to the Future” films! 🙂

    1. I have never seen “Metropolis” or “The Shape of Things to Come,” Kevin, but based on your response to them I’d be interested. More and more I find myself thinking similarly about keeping my “circle” tight, and spending time at home enjoying what we have and not thinking too far outside the boundaries. We often refer to the peace we feel at home, and sometimes that’s all I want to do–get home and shut out all the noise. Thank you so much for including me in the references to people you’d spend time with, Kevin. I feel the same, and sometimes when i find it really hard to keep up with blogging I think to the friends I’ve made and how much comfort I actually have found in those friendships. There is something delightful about realizing that although we have never met, we have shared some core values and beliefs, and that’s actually becoming more and more rare, I think. I never saw all three of the BTTF films, but I recall being really thrilled to see Christopher Lloyd in a starring role. It might be a fun one for you to see some time just for the nostalgia of the cast. 🙂

  7. Such a fun question Debra! I have no idea where I’d go! Possibly back to when the kids were babies to hold them again. Maybe back to when I was a kid. Or perhaps even back before my time. Back to the Future Day this year, well we spent it slightly mourning. No World Series for us. Now maybe I’d travel to the future for that!

    1. I don’t know, Kristy, but with what you’ve been telling us about this next year in your family’s life, you have a really exciting future. 🙂 But I do think it’s really natural and easy for me to understand the idea that you’d love to go back to when the children were babies. I’m not sure we ever get totally beyond that longing. I do think that having grandchildren is a wonderful opportunity to feel some of those feelings again. It does seem to bring back some very precious memories while making new ones. You’ll have a World Series win somewhere down the line, I’m sure. Our household was rooting for the Cubs, too. A few years ago my husband, son and son-in-law all went to a Dodger game at Wrigley Field, primarily because they wanted to experience the ballpark. They all now have a love for the Cubs…as long as the Dodgers aren’t playing. 🙂

  8. Ha! Not sure I would want to go back, Debra, and sure hope I’m still remembering this classic series of movies 30 years into the future. 🙂 I could use a flux capacitor. 🙂 🙂
    Like most of Chicagoland, I finished Back to the Future Day annoyed with the Chicago Cubs, but, well, we are used to it. I could just about hear my “cubbie” relatives having a rumble/tumble “discussion” in that great big ballpark in the sky.
    It was fun to see Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd on the talk circuit last week. Unfortunately, I was watching most from my sister’s hospital room, where we were alternately filled with great concern and grateful for medical advances in the past 30 years. I can’t wait to see what the future brings.
    What a fun post – and two birthdays for you to celebrate this month.

    1. Once the Dodgers were out of the running our household also switched to rooting for the Cubs, Penny, so the disappointment extended this way! I agree with you about not necessarily wanting to “go back”–especially 30 years. I think that considering medical advances is probably one of the major reasons we should be content with “today” and looking forward to the future. I do hope that your sister is doing better and that perhaps the crisis is not as acute. And I think the best part of the “Back to the Future” celebration was indeed seeing Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd together. I’ve seen MJF many times, but hadn’t seen CL in years. He has always been a favorite since the old Taxi days–speaking of at least 30 years ago. LOL!

    1. I completely understand, Karen. It wasn’t on my radar at all, and in fact, as it was discussed I realized I had forgotten most of it! But it must have made more of an impression on my husband, because he was determined we would recognize the date with my son-in-law. 🙂

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